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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Conversations - 11th April 2012

Me: "creative-writing M.F.A. or journalism school..everybody understands the students are being played for suckers"

Someone: What of art school?

Me: Not as ex right?

Someone: I looked at the costs of two of them. 27K in fees annually + 14K for accommodation + food. That is not counting books, supplies, etc. I don't know how a MFA would be.

Me: Well for MFA and journo school people think it'll help them break into the fields

Not so for art right

Someone: You are right. I was talking to a friend who lectures and is also in the illustration industry. The majority of the arts graduates will likely end up jobless (it does not matter if they were good or bad) or work in other fields.

Me: "So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable." - Christopher Reeve

I think he dreamed of walking again


Someone: I do know of a person who thinks he can draw really well when in reality, he draws rather, erm, poorly. I think that person may cost his loved ones over 200K for art school.

Me: what do i treat you like

TC: an idiot

Me: hurr hurr
you so bad

TC: true no?

Me: no lor
idiot then why I hang out with you

TC: to feel superior

Me: I knew you'd say that -_-

TC: lol

Me: then why you hang out with me

TC: nice food hahaha
exciting food

Me: ..................
I feel objectified

Me: amused I recognise Danny Choo but not Jimmy Choo

Ken: u're more familiar with weird stuff than fashion stuff hahaha

Someone: *Facebook comments thread on Feminism. Original article: 5 Reasons You Should Major In Women’s Studies « Thought Catalog

Lol, I like my friend's response (who is a female by the way in case you're tempted to cry male chauvinist)

"I can think of 6:

1. Because you are an ugly, angry spinster and no one loves you.
2. Because you demonstrate paucity of thought that makes you unfit for fields of study that demand more rigour.
3. Because you are a masochist and like wasting lots of time and money on a useless degree.
4. Because you are a sadist and enjoy pissing everyone off.
5. Because you really want endless empowerment and not true equality.
6. Because you think waxing lyrical about first-world middle-class women's petty insecurities is a better way to liberate women than to actually go to Africa/the Middle East to educate/free truly oppressed people."*

Me: hee

Someone (one who thought up those 6 reasons): I refuse to add more comments
*** is a literature major and I have had enough with Literature majors
The guy who defended vegetarianism and insulted me is also a Literature dude

Me: basically feminism is a secular religion

which is why only one feminist I know is sane
the rest are bonkers

Someone: I was really annoyed/amused by ***'s comments but I cannot be bothered
to comment further

Me: at least she didn't use the words:
"cis woman"

Someone: Sian

Me: =D

Someone: and I cannot be bothered to argue with Literature students

I have to spend 80% of my time thinking about whether they'll 'read between the lines' of what I write
and then I have to wait forever for their response because they spend too much time trying to argue in flowery language

Someone else: eh
would u fuck a shemale?

Me: dunno

Someone else: hahahaha thought of trying

Me: from no paid sex to tranny sex

Someone else: yeah man

Me: how far the mighty have fallen

Someone else: sex is sex lor please
i have transcended.

MFTTW hurry up and finish australia
I want to see the europe
oz so boring

Me: even my snide remarks?

MFTTW aiyah all oz snide remarks are in the same vein
re: how ulu the damn place is
and your observations from rural supermarkets
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