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Friday, November 11, 2011

Coffee, Tea, or...

Mother: Would you like a cup of tea, Jimmy?

Jim: Tea? Tea?! Is that your answer to it all? Tea? The panacea of the middle class! The answer to all the problems facing mankind today? Have a cup of tea, Jim! You both make me sick. You're dead, both of you. You're both mentally dead. Your souls are drowned in tea. Your minds are clogged up with tea bags. You're like two slop basins swimming around in a sea of tea! Just like this country, the whole rotten system, stained in a tea of apathy!

Father: What's he mean, Mum?

Mother: I don't think he wants a cup of tea. Would you like a cup of coffee, then?

Jim: Coffee? Coffee?! Is that your only alternative to the stagnant mess that's slowly choking you, a cup of coffee?

Mother: No. We've got some cocoa, I think.

--- Hancock's Half Hour
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