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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Observations - 3rd September 2011

"Boxing is just show business with blood." - Frank Bruno


A possible reason for German wage restraint - the unions have seats on company boards, so they can see the company financial accounts and know that the fatcats aren't shafting them. Though I am cautioned to add that "this only works in some situations. Labour owned a considerable amount of shares in United Airlines but they resisted management all the way because they were not afraid of the consequences -- the government would bail them out. It also helped that the German government topped up loss of wages."

Trying to decide which parallel universe is the most wacky: [Fundamentalist] Christian, [PRC] Chinese or [Modern] Liberal. Some suggested all 3, but all of them are inimical to each other, so that'd be the mindfuck to top all mindfucks. Another point to note is that not all PRC Chinese live in the PRC Chinese alternate universe (and ditto for the other 2), but that doesn't change the universe's character.

Everyone talks about pursuing your dreams, but what if 2 people want to become the best golfer in the world? Some people claim it's all about the journey, not the destination, but besides being convenient hand-waving (why not choose a more realistic goal? is there a point doing something you know won't work - among other things is it healthy to lie to yourself?), this is suspiciously reminiscent of some of the justifications for prayer if it can't change the mind of the God of Traditional Theism - that prayer improves the supplicant, rather than changes what actually happens.

Wondering how many Singaporean group buying sites have closed down. Each representing a failed dream.

American produces brilliant students not because of but despite its pre-College educational system. The only thing worse than standardised tests is not having standardised tests; there is a reason why the SAT has been a staple of US college admission applications for decades (another interesting thing to note - Finnish students do great on the PISA, but no one would say that their school system fails to prepare them for higher education and the knowledge economy).

[On the hype over Elite Schools] "I have friends in University who survived [neighborhood] schools..they will never allow their children to go to such schools"

It doesn't seem many male radiographers exist. They presumably have problems when x-raying women's chests.

Banner on wearing jewelry - 'Flaunt it, lose it'. This is VICTIM BLAMING!!! Reminds me of this feminist line: "Rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused"

RT @edchng i hate Singapore, because i still care for it. i wish i didn't care, then i won't hate nor feel anything. #happyNationalDay

RT @yarnybarny Because we're not Malaysia. Qed. #whyiloveSingapore

My contributions to #whyiloveSingapore were: Our police are so efficient, they harass civil society long before it can effect change and
I never have to think for myself because the government always tells me what to do

RT quietriot_girl: Feminist blog bingo: 'Mansplaining' 'Derailing' 'Troll' 'Anti-Feminist' 'You're Banned' 'Enemy' 'male privilege' 'Julie BIndel' - BINGO!

"asked her student if he had given a depressed friend of his some advice on how to deal with his maladie, to which the student responded "we will go to tsutaya ( video rental store) to rent pornography". Classic!"

RT @shianux: I tell you what I think the true curse of LKY's legacy is: everyone thinks they are LKY, even those against LKY. the PAP has created a nation of whinging interfering nosey autocrat wannabes happy to fuck around with other ppl's lives.
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