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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Conversations - 28th August 2011

"I hate quotations. Tell me what you know." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Me: See women check each other out as much as or more than men. But no one complains

Frigid Girl: *** said after he went to *** he realised women check out each other way more than men

Someone: i realise why u're so unpopular

cos u're always right
and people dun like to be told they're wrong

read "getting to yes" lol

Someone else: Back for good! No more Shanghai, thanks

A/B - i just miss home :)

Me: After China I would too

Someone: thousands of americans will fly across the pacific ocean just for a chance to intern in shanghai

Me: Millions of Chinese will pay people smugglers just for a chance to live in the US

Someone else: ^5! i was just about to post a similar reply lol

MFTTW: Anyway that's trivial
Singaporeans are good at trivial arguments
Missing the forest for the trees

Me: haha
no this is a classic liberal argument against stereotyping

MFTTW: Uh what's that you always say? Stereotypes are based on truths

Me: stereotypes persist and endure because they're often true

MFTTW: Ah ok I note down

Me: wah note down my wisdom
I can write little red book liao

MFTTW: Yes yes the Tao of gabby

Someone: only idiots do [want to make partner]
there's no life
and the money isn't worth the time lost

your partners hate you, your minions hate you
probably your wife and children hate you too
you'll be fucking your secretary or mistress and they'll hate you too
basically only fools try to make partner

Me: I thought partners make more and work less than grunts

Someone: no la, that's a myth
their workload is just as bad, if not worse
when the clients call who do you think they wanna speak to?
the minions or the boss?
then when the clients fuck ppl over the phone, who do you think is the
one being fucked?
and best of all they got to take it with a smile on the face

Someone else: Chey used goods

Me: -_-
this is why dating sucks in sg

Someone else: Too few girls too many guys
U gotta take it or leave it sorts

Me: hurr hurr
the sex ratio is not that unbalanced what

here's a better way of looking at it
it sucks to break in shoes yourself =D

Someone else: So the girls learn to be better partner?
Interesting way of looking at it

TC: your ideals will leave you cold hungry lonely and horny

Me: cock lah
hungry - got job
cold - got heating
horny - got whore
so just lonely
get puppy lor

Someone: You have a lot of energy. When I was 14, I made a promise to myself that I'd never debate with religious people about religious issues.o

I think I should make another promise to myself that I'd never debate with feminists/racists.

Oh, I think I should never argue with Mac users too.

Someone else: men are so easy
easy to please
no wonder lesbians are an angry people

Someone: i did not bother to climb the eiffel tower

Me: sad.
were you busy mounting something else?

Someone else: have u taken *** studies before?

*** took it
she said it was impossible to get any serious discussion

*** esp were basically self victimizing all the time
and sensitive to remarks that no serious discussion could take place

Frigid Girl on Salome: I don't like Strauss, except for his waltzes
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