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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

La Petite Cuisine (Serene Centre) unpleasant experience and Menu

On Sunday some of us were playing D&D near Serene Centre.

Having had pizza for lunch, we didn't want to order delivery - let alone pizza again - for dinner.

So we called up La Petite Cuisine Serene Centre. Their menu was not available online, so we asked the person on the phone if he could read out the menu, and he said he could not (Someone: "Are you illiterate?")

So I volunteered to go down and read out the menu over the phone so people could order.

After a few lines I realised photography would be a much more efficient way of doing this, so I took pictures of the menu and sent it to the hungry people awaiting my tidings.

Just as I was finishing up, I got shouted at by the French chef/boss. I explained my situation and why I was forced to do this, but not only was he not understanding, he still gruffly insisted that I should have asked them before taking any photos.

Now, in all places I've been in or to where photography is not tolerated, the staff enforcing the prohibition in question address and inform the photographer - even if not politely then at least not in a rude way. Evidently Customer Service is not a core value of this organization (or at least there is no leadership by example).

I've read complaints about him before, so maybe that is one reason for the relatively low prices.

On the up side, one staff member was sympathetic.

Since I already got shouted at, here is the menu (correct as of this Sunday) so fewer people will get into (or come near to getting into) an even remotely similar situation:

(also, the pasta, pork cotelette and steak were quite lousy [someone asked for medium rare and got medium well]; the salmon, tuna and escargots were good though)

Someone who knows some restaurant owners said chefs were eccentric and some of his friends got shouted at by their chefs 4 days a week - though they were the owners.
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