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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Casual misandry in advertising

2 random ads I saw over the last week:

"dry cleaning
fix the leak
pick up dinner
pack lunches
call the dentist
drop off kids
pay bills
order schoolbooks
scrub the bathroom
finish the presentation (...)

If it were EASY, MEN would do it too

I don't know HOW she does it"

Friend: "I also don't know how she manages to look so hideous."
(personally I think she looks alright here, unlike her usual self)

"Eventually he was coaxed into chess talk, responding to questions about the Polgars, three Hungarian sisters who are chess prodigies and considered by almost the entire chess world to be extraordinarily talented, the youngest, Judit, a possible world championship contender someday.

''She is talented but not greatly talented,'' Kasparov said. ''Women by their nature are not exceptional chess players. They are not great fighters.''

''Feminists would not like you for saying such things,'' a student responded. ''The feeling is mutual.''"

(King Kasparov - New York Times)

What was interesting about this Burger King ad was some responses I read to it, which went on about how the ad was presumptuous about female tastebuds, while ignoring the implied (?) compliment.
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