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Monday, September 19, 2011

For those who want to buy old RI PE clothing

An email that found its way to my mailbox:

Dear all

The aunty who has been running our old bookshop (Year 5-6 section) needs to clear all her stock as she is closing shop and many of us are helping her to
minimize her losses by buying her stationery.

Today in my conversation with her, I asked her what items specific to RI she has to clear. She told me that she has more than 100 plus Raffles PE shorts
(new ones with Raffles logo not the short MBT ones )and 100 plus Raffles T-shirts (loose cut size 40—44)which no one outside RI will want to buy. She says old students used to like the loose cut ones and used to tell her they like to sleep in it. But nowadays the students buy the tight fit ones so she cannot sell them. I gather that her losses will be significant.

She says she would appreciate it if we tell any old students or present students who want to buy them. If you are on Facebook with former students it might be helpful to inform them that she has to clear out by mid November. Or perhaps you may want a pair of Raffles shorts or T-shirt for yourself! (Hey, we are a brand name, after all!)

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