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Monday, January 03, 2011

Conversations - 3rd January 2011

"He's simply got the instinct for being unhappy highly developed." - Saki


Someone: i feel dirty. i mock the SPGs
and yet I dig caucasian women too

Me: no
going for ang mohs is not the only defining characteristic of SPGs

1) only go for ang mohs
2) project a false accent (and image) in order to do that
3) despise locals
4) fling themselves at ang mohs

Someone: i fulfil 2 of those criteria.

i fling myself at angmohs
and i despise locals.

Me: but you still do them
because there're no ang moh wome naround?

Someone: yeah

they're less frigid. less dramatic
less neurotic

BUT. they expect to be seen as equals because they treat you as one.

they're not like sg women
all talk

these women, they will gladly foot the bill, won't ask u to go
shopping with them, and they generally are less... neurotic

Frigid Girl: cervical cancer is caused by sex?
then why do people still have sex?

okay stupid question
i need to sleep now

Someone: arrrgh i shld have just shut up n travelled alone
i mean for *** trip

e other guy a lot of pattern

Me: see why I like to travel alone =D
you travelled with girls before?

Someone: ya
girls r ok

just allocate 2 hrs of bathing time to em
n a bit more time on shopping

Frigid Girl: my christmas was great till you showed up

Me: it's ok
it's already boxing day

MFTTW: anyway i'm starting to resent my iphone

wah lau the keyboard drives me nuts
i think i need a keyboard with buttons

i like touch screen but not for typing

it's not the responsiveness
it's my fat fingers

typing is really hard for me
i never get spacebar when i need it
and it's not smart at all about guessing which letters you want

and the fake multitasking
i need a alt+tab feature

it's retarded to keep having to go back to homescreen to switch b/w apps
esp since when you try to do it too fast, it'll lag majorly or sometimes crash

i've crashed my phone more times in the last 2 months than i have my 5 year old ibm thinkpad running windows 7 that i never shut down

Me: yah that's why I'm reluctant to get touchscreen

iphone suckslah
got no multitasking

I told you in june liao :P

MFTTW: yes but the other smartphone options are no good either
so it's just better to get the one wiht more apps

anyway *** has a samsung running droid
and she says that it sucks battery faster than iphone
but the typing interface is smarter

Someone: tell me something, what should I do if I want to meet more pple like you in Singapore?

I also want to know

Someone on Macau: well it's like a waste of time to go there
I only went because it's one of those places I haven't been to

spent 2.5 days there

Me: there're many places I've never been to that I don't want to go to
like most of malaysia

TC on KL Zouk vs Singapore Zouk: it was fun
pple are not so sleazy and/or desperate and they are generally nicer/frendlier
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