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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wah kao. Now NS also got tuition

NS formulas | National Service Made Easy:

"Some people want to cruise through National Service (NS), some want to be officers, and others aspire to be SAF scholars. The common question is: how?

Physical fitness is not the only, or even the main, requirement. NS is ultimately a matter of the mind.

That’s why we have created NS formulas, to prepare your mind to achieve your goals in NS.

We draw on sports psychology, positive psychology and work psychology, to deliver programmes customised for NS in Singapore."

From the FAQ:

"2. Why should I encourage my son to enrol for these programmes?

In school, many children have tuition and additional classes to help them cope or perform well. But once it comes to NS, they get little additional help, especially in terms of mental preparation. NS formulas is the only firm today that coaches pre-enlistees and prepare their minds for NS. We design our programmes like vitamins, boosting performance even when your son is physically and mentally healthy. Encouraging your son to enrol for our programmes is one of the few things within your control to prepare your son for NS."

Their motto: "National Service Made Easy"

And in the lead guy's CV:

1st Prize, Chief Defence Force Essay Competition - Psychology of Peacekeeping
Planning Officer, Joint Operations Department, SAF

1st Prize, Chief Defence Force Essay Competition - Psychology of Risk Assessment"

Suffice it to say that there are reasons why they left the Slavemasters.
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