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Friday, December 10, 2010

Migrant Experience: A Photo Exhibition

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Migrant Experience: A Photo Exhibition
A Project by Bukit Batok Hostel
18-19 Dec 2010, Bukit Batok Community Library

Migrant Experience, a photo exhibition by the boys of Bukit Batok Hostel will open on December 18 2010 at Bukit Batok Community Library.

Every Sunday, migrant workers from all over Singapore gather at Little India. While most Singaporeans spend this day elsewhere resting and relaxing with family and friends, the streets of Little India are crowded with bustling and vibrant activity.

18 Dec is International Migrants’ Day, an occasion that commemorates the contributions of migrant workers to societies and economies in many countries in the world today. On this meaningful day, we present Migrant Experience, a photo exhibition that takes a closer look at how migrant workers spend their free time in a home away from home, bringing sights and sounds otherwise often overlooked closer to ordinary Singaporeans

Migrant Experience showcases forty photographs taken by some twenty boys aged 17-20 from Bukit Batok Hostel, a residential programme for young male probationers.

The exhibition is part of a service-learning project organized by a team of student-teachers from the National Institute of Education (NIE). It started off as a workshop in basic photography skills, as a way to equip and empower the boys with a useful skill.

We came to realize the power of photography to reveal one’s unique perspective of the world, and its ability to capture social truths. Thus, we envisioned Migrant Experience, which provides a worthy avenue for the boys’ work, and also raises awareness about migrant workers, an integral but largely undervalued group in our society.

check out our website for more details: migrantexperience.wordpress.com
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