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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Conversations - 11th December 2010

"Liberals are very broadminded: they are always willing to give careful consideration to both sides of the same side." - Anonymous


Someone on conning women: gab. i said i lied.
i *USED* ***'s stories.
as mine.

Me: ...

do they probe
and dont you feel dirty inside

Someone: dirty? dude, i do business.

TC: so which parts of france u think?

where would u recommend i go?

Me: what do you like to do/see

TC: i dunno

chill out haha
cheap food
wander around

Me: aiyah you want to chill out, have cheap food and wander around - go KL lah

TC: -_-

Someone: those who support wikileaks are those who have a sorry excuse of an education.
hur hur

Me: no
only those who give bad reasons

Someone: all those on my followlist who are supporting assange either havent been enlisted, or didnt make it far in acadamia

Me: gah
you know most arts academics are left wing right

and what does enlistment have to do with anything

Someone: as much as you deny it, Army changes a boy
or it used to.

into a man

Me: bah
not all changes are good

singaporean men are very immature
a lot of it is because of Slavery

Me: I don't understand perming
apparently it's to add "life" to hair

TC: yar

i find my hair v boring
always sstraight
either short or long but straight

Me: shave lor

TC: -_-
i want hair

i wonder if its too feminine for me

Me: hurr hurr
you want a masculine cut?

TC: lol no
i mean i might not be able to pull it off

Me: orh

TC: when u say orh
shd i continue or does it mean u are bored and rather talk bout smth else haha

so trivial my hair

Me: if I'm bored, I will let you know

oh come now
you should know that hair is one topic I am not unenthusiastic about

TC: haha true
but long permed hair is such a cliche on girls

Me: a few years ago it was long rebonded hair that was the cliche

yah that's why I say go and shave it all off

Me: the attitude that Slavery creates towards women


Me: my notes are somewhere
but basically slavery encourages sexism

Someone: -_-

Me: and encourages men to see women as useless
and sexual objects
and their property

you disagree

Someone: ? no. women ARE sexual objects to me.

Me: hurr hurr

pls lah they dont know meh
lotharios all think that way

generally if you feel like sleeping with a guy, you shouldn't

Someone: women are all hypocritical creatures
as long as you don't mention the fact that they are sluts
they will be a slut.

Me: hurr hurr and what about men

Someone: men got excuse. just apologise and say, "I was thinking with the wrong head."
and people will understand.

Me: this ties into my previous point about how men are considered pigs by default. their default state is fallen
whereas women are considered virtuous by default
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