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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

France 2010 - Day 4, Part 1 - Paris: 16eme arrondissement, Bois de Boulogne

"You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public." - Scott Adams


France 2010
Day 4 - 6th October - Paris: 16eme arrondissement, Bois de Boulogne
(Part 1)

I had asked for 6 Krispy Kremes from London, but got 12 (it was only a pound more), so I got to eat them for breakfast and supper, instead of just as a treat.

I spent part of the day exploring the 16eme arrondissement (one of 20 districts Paris is divided into). It was a very atas arrondissement.

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Rue de Boulainvilliers

There are still many Cock Cars (Smart Fortwos) in Paris, but perhaps fewer than in 2006.

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Car with shit on it. What happens when cars are primarily forms of transport.

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Rue de Boulainvilliers

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La Poste - the postman making his rounds. For some reason I found the trolley very cute.

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Station Boulainvilliers.

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Rue des Vignes (Road of the Vines)

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Another postman

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Rue de la Muette Rue Marietta Martin
I didn't know you could do strikeout with street names. Maybe the mute girls' association complained.

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Morning rush at Rue des Vignes

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"Pharmacie - Homeopathie" - why you shouldn't trust French pharmacies
Wow, this camera (Nikon Coolpix S550) really sucks. The exposure time was 1/60 and, the image was still blur.

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Milou de Tintin
Snowy from Tintin. Unfortunately he was moving very fast.

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"Jeune femme polonaise avec experience..."
("Young Polish girl with experience...")
Perhaps she became a masseuse

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Boulevard Emile Augier

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Rue d'Andigné

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House on Rue d'Andigné

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Rue Maspéro

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Thai Embassy

"Jour et Nuit" ("Day and Night")
Cute No Parking Sign, 16eme, Paris

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Benelux mission to the OECD - economies of scale!

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Lycée (High School)

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Interesting Vegetation

I then headed for the Bois de Boulogne (the second largest park in Paris, after the Bois de Vincennes).

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I have no idea why there was a monument to Peter I the Liberater, King of Serbia and Alexander I of Yugoslavia.

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Bois de Boulogne. I was not impressed in the least. The Botanic Gardens are nicer (there're swans - I only saw one duck here).

Bois de Boulogne panorama

There was a carnival held on the outskirts of the Bois, which was more interesting.

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Side entrance to fair

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Muddy fairground

Haunted House

Bim Boum Car Ride

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I don't know how this stall breaks even, with prizes like iPads, MacBook Pros, PSPs, Wiis and Xboxes.

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ATMs in carnival. They really expect a lot of business.

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"Satan Salsa". This was a spinning chair ride. My theory is the spinning chairs disorient you so you will spend more money.

There were also the modern equivalent of a gypsy in a caravan:

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I am not impressed by the dumpy van

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"Altiz. Messager des Tarots. Mage des Forains de France.

Etude avec le Tarot de situations diverses.

Amour - Relations - Famille - Sexualité
Argent - Travail - Projets - Etudes
Immobilier ... etc.

Le seul sujet que Altiz se refuse à traiter, c'est le domaine de la maladie.

Si malheuresement vous-même ou un de vos proches est touché par ce sujet, vous devez consulter uniquement que votre médecin !"

("Altiz. Messenger of Tarot. Mage of the Fairgrounds of France.

Study various situations with Tarot

Love - Relationships - Family - Sexuality
Money - Work - Projects - Studies
Real Estate ... etc.

The only subject that Altiz refuses to deal with, is the field of sickness.

If sadly you or one close to you is involved with this topic, you should only consult your homeopath")

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"Historique Altiz

Altiz est issu d'une lignée de cartomanciennes bohémiennes, c'est l'arrière-petit-fils de Madame Jeanne, célèbre Diseuse de Bonne Aventure des fêtes foraines de France au début du XXème siècle.

- A l'age de 12 ans, Altiz décide de quitter l'école pour se consacrer à sa vie de forain, et voyager de ville en ville avec sa famille.

- Vers l'age de 15 ans il s'intéresse aux cartes de tarot en faisant des prédictions à ses camarades forains et foraines.

- Après avoir voyager dans la plus grandes majorité des régions françaises, Altiz décide d'officialiser son activité de Diseur de Bonne Aventure auprès du public parisien, en participant aux fêtes foraines de Paris et de la région d'Ile de France..

- Actuellement, étant le dernier homme à pratiquer l'art divinatoire sur les fêtes foraines de France, ses amis et collègues forains l'appellent Le Mage Altiz"

("History of Altiz

Altiz is issue of a line of Bohemian Fortune Tellers, the last grandson of Madam Jeanne, famous fortuneteller of the fairs of France at the start of the 20th century.

At 12, Altiz decided to leave school to dedicate himself to a life of fairs, and travelled from city to city with his family.

Around 15, he got interested in Tarot cards in making predictions for his fellow fair workers.

After travelling to most of the French regions, Altiz decided to formalize his fortune telling with the Parisian public, taking part in forest fairs of Paris and the Ile de France.

Right now, being the last man practising the art of divination in the forest fairs of France, his friends and fair workers call him The Mage Altiz")

Incidentally there're some mistakes with the French.

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More mumbo jumbo. His caravan is a permanent fixture at Père Lachaise!

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Low rope. This is hardcore.

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Vous avez mangé un clown ?
They're quite freaky. Partially because they're lazy to put on facepaint.

Free Image Hosting at
Pay 5€ to plunge into a pool of stagnant water and contract cholera

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Banner of the fair: it was open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 28 August to 10 October. French schoolkids get time off on Wednesday to go to such things. Cool, huh?
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