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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Classic rant from genius

"A man can sleep around, no questions asked, but if a woman makes nineteen or twenty mistakes she's a tramp." - Joan Rivers


As featured elsewhere:

Friend's husband seduced by china girl

"When young, SG girls are slim, pretty, sophisticated and intelligent so kena tempted to marry. Then find out after unwrapping that got no neh neh, low sex drive and dead fish in bed. Somemore don't know how to cook and do housework.

Five years into the marriage, not so slim and pretty anymore, sophisticated and intelligent become nagging and grouchy. This is when the men are about
32-38, and realise tio pian, BIG TIME.

China, Pinoy, Thai, Taiwan and nowadays increasingly more Jap and Korean women find SG men best. Compared to the men in their own country, SG men are less chavinistic, ham sup, educated and wah lau eh, can speak the English somemore. Hong Kong don't want cause like SGD girl think angmo is high class and don't appreciate SG men.

These women from Chian or whatever come with hot bod, got neh neh, know hot to cook and clean and very importantly, think SG men are a catch. Compared to SG women who just 'settle' for SG men.

So at the end of the day, why stick with the SG girl who don't even appreciate SG men?

There are two ways to a man's heart - his kukubird and stomach. Ie. great in bed and know how to cook. These are skills SG girl don't have.

They only have one skill - like to communicate and share feelings (Zzzzz). But only the gay boy like to do this leh.

So all you straight men, nothing wrong with you going for foreign talent. The marriage was a mistake, how you know your SG wife is a dud and there is a big better world out there?The SG girl blame the foreign talent for taking their men but who ask them don't treasure the SG men and learn some skills in bed? haha.

When I go to China and speakie the English at the club - all the girls come. I see in their eyes they want to take me home and rape me and have my babies - it's love - I so clever, can speak English and Chinese, dress so nice.

In Singapore, the SG girl scream and shout for Jay Chou and whatever HK star who cannot speak English. Otherwise, they like the Euro type, speak English got accent, my English no accent CMI.

Only the foreign talent can appreciate I am very smart - two languages I can speak.

SG men don't like their wife after a while is because they are like American type - like to demand and fight for their rights very sian. But at least American women more open-minded in bed, SG women is dead fish.

They realise the truth: SG women are also slut but know how to package better. They don't say they want money, they say they want a man with future - same thing lah.

In my office, my women colleague is like me, go to uni. All gian to sit BMW and mercs but bopian 'sacrifice' and go out with honda civic for love. But no degree, u no need to try. Like that not call slut meh?

SG women think it is a 'sacrifice' to marry someone with no qualification.

The truth is the SG women are more slut. At least the China and Thai women know how to wild in bed and cook."
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