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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Conversations - 31st August 2010

"If it weren't for my lawyer, I'd still be in prison. It went a lot faster with two people digging." - Joe Martin


Someone: u notice most women in their late 30s-40s in managerial positions are really hard to work with.

those are the really societal rejects

most women who are better have already removed
themselves from the workforce.

Me: gah

Someone: which lady of leisure do u find unbearable?

Me: I dont know ladies of leisure
do you

Someone: i do.
they are a lot nicer than the female DXO officers i know.

Me: DXO is a special sample
it's not like regulars are very nice

Someone else: Sometimes, being passive-aggressive is just the most satisfying way of dealing with thick-skinned people

Me: Isn't being outright aggressive better? Hurr hurr

Someone else: Not when dealing with the fairer sex sadly

MFTTW: maybe you won't like biking
maybe the posture is not good for you
maybe yotu have tender ass

Me: har
I ride you lah
oops yours

MFTTW: i can tell a deliberate faux pas when i see one

Me: hurr hurr

Female friend on everyone else's opinions: i utterly hate female bosses too

although, in *** my female direct bosses weren't too bad
but that was bcos they were still quite low-ranking

maybe promotion turns them all into idiots

Someone: aiyah
the only misery of man is man himself
vanity, ego, and whatever the other sins are

but tell me, why are you sad?

... why would silly men make you said
and i like to tell people

Me: silliness in general makes me sad

Someone: one could be 80 years old and not be wise.
such is the true condition of men lar.
and sadness is extraneous in this case cos it's not like you could do
something abt human stupidity.

Me: I bleed for humanity
even if it doesn't help it

Someone: bleeding for humanity is like white guilt
and unproductive

a bleeding heart does't cure stupidity

Me: no, but I believe there is some value to it still
this is the reason why people having you in their hopes, wishes and
prayers helps
even discounting the presumed efficacy of prayers

Me: am I right in detecting wordplay between the words for "friend" and "enemy" in:

"Der Mensch der Erkenntniss muss nicht nur seine Feinde lieben, er muss auch seine Freunde hassen können"

MFTTW: errrrrrr
am i the right person to be consulting

Me: the word for enemy is easy right

MFTTW: ....

Me: yeah it seems so
I am meditating on how the only folly of man is women

MFTTW: ......
you seem to spend a lot of time meditating on that
have you reached enlightenment yet

Me: hahahahahahahahahahaha
freud didn't manage to solve the mystery in 20 years
I doubt i can in a few

Me: shall we go to the cinema together
a mandate

Someone on the former Shaw Beach Road: i bring all my dates there ;)
wish i could bring you

Me: je voudrais mouiller

Tim The Great: then !

sing in the rain

@hellovirnnnn: boys think with their penises

Me: What do girls think with?

@hellovirnnnn: They don't. HAHAHAHA.

Someone: if any girl sees this conversation, we would hung, strung and quartered.
if i end up sexless, i'm emasculating you, gabriel.

Me: it's ok, I'm already sexless

Someone else: well, i'm free this weekend
we can do a mandate this weekend

Me: hmm
someone asked me for a womandate

Someone else: we can make it a three-way

Me: I thought you're not into girls

Someone else: you assume that she's into boys.
maybe it'll be a weird three-way where no one is into anyone

Someone: [anorexia]'s nothing to do with genes

Me: it's a genes-environment mix

Someone: what does genes have to do with it at all?
it's a conscious choice to starve yourself

i don't feel compelled to starve
i choose to starve

Me: free will is an illusion

Someone: hurhur
that's rich comingfrom you

Me: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/1575523.stm

Someone: relying on something as structured as academic writing to comprehend sometihng as chaotic as women's psychology is fail
all academics cando is to explore an extremely small portion of women

Me: that's like saying god is a mystery
so the human mind can never understand him

Someone: if god exists

if you can't even prove that then i don't even know what's there to explore
whereas female psychology is pretty real

Me: and general explanations of female psychology are pretty accurate too
for example women are more neurotic than men

Someone: well
to say that anorexia is mainly based on genes

how can they really prove it? scientists don't even know how genes really work up tothis point

they can only draw trends

and their sample size probably missed about 70% of girls who have anorexia
at leaxst 70%

they only got the medically critical ones
the ones who're dying from anoreixa
or malnutritioned

Me: did you even read the whole article

Someone: no i didn't read it

can you at least read before making comments

Me: ...
this is like when research finds that short people are less healthy and poorer
and indignant short people write in saying that they're doing very well
people are statistically illiterate

Someone: i trust BBC health asmuch as i trust dailymail
unless you can give me a academic study of this

Me: the article DOES mention academic studies
but you already mentioned that you don't trust academics
so why waste (y)our time

Someone: it mentions academic studies from where?

what's the sample size

you know the british press are great at taking things out of context
or creatiing news out of nothing

Me: that's why I read details

and what's wrong with BBC health
you are just dismissing things without even looking at them
likem ost people

Someone: most health articles on websites are sensational
or written to be sensational

Me: you didn't even read the article
and BBC health does not report breathlessly like most newspapers

popular science reporting is largely shit
but BBC health has a good record

Someone: right
you should give me more sources than BBC health then

Me: hello
most of them will report on the same study

and you can go and look yourself
I'm not your miner
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