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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Widow’s bustline secret uncovered

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Malaysia Boleh!

Widow’s bustline secret uncovered

"FOR almost a year, a widow in Jabi, Segamat, has been lapping up the attention lavished on her by men due to her ample bustline, reported Harian Metro.

However, the secret of her Dolly Parton-sized top was exposed when police found that she had been hidding ganja in her bra.

The newspaper reported that police uncovered the secret when they noticed that one of her “breasts” was larger than the other.

It quoted Segamat OCPD Supt Abdul Majid Mohd Ali as saying that a team raided her house last Tuesday after suspecting that the 29-year-old woman was involved in drugs.

Although they did not find any drugs in the house, the policemen became suspicious after noticing the difference in the size of her breasts.

“The left was bigger than the right. After further inspection, we found one gram of ‘ganja’ worth RM100 hidden in a slit cut into her bra.

“We believe the woman was acting as the middle person,” he said."
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