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Monday, August 31, 2009

"The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshipped anything but himself." - Sir Richard Francis Burton


Someone else: some girls humsup also what

i got such friends
always telling me their libido is like a man's

Me: but they prob hooked already

as a good economist I believe markets tend to clear

Someone else: they're always hooked up, somehow
just degree of formality

Me: yah as I say markets tend to clear :P

Someone: are people like you, eisen, christel rare in nus fass
or common

i have a feeling that my sample here is a bit biased

Me: are we rare in SMU? :)

Someone: people like you guys .. SUPER RARE in smu

smu guys i think only care abt... beer, gym, gpa, investment banking/anything finance
or like, 101 sports

or basically just the whiny sorts

Me: apparently a few years ago (when I was in year 1-2) it was different
and SMU people were quite cool

Someone: YEAH
the cool people have graduated

Me: how about SMU girls?

Someone: some are not bad
i'm very possibly biased of course

Me: hurr hurr

Someone: but the cool ones have graduated too of course
got some left la

i think nus girls >> smu girls

Me: why
a lot of NUS girls are SACSALs (Shrill, Anorexic, Chinese-Speaking Ah Lians)

I notice you didn't say what most SMU girls were like

Someone: har
at least they are... more real?


the wannabes here are often arrogant and pretentious

Someone else: taiwan was quite fun lah
except the freezing at night part

Me: haha
got warm clothes right

Someone else: dont have
the gortex is a stupid raincoat

Me: raincoat wont keep you warm leh

Someone else: it didnt
thats why we were all cursing at night

the navigation exercise, that is

but overall, army is still crap

Me: abuse of soldiers leh

Someone else: yeah
its sispec

Me: suffer in silence etc

Someone else: they reason like: u are trainees, lowest lifeforms, etc etc etc

Me: someone should get hypothermia
call safety hotline!

Someone else: then they'll say he pussy, gu niang, weak

Me: my senior medic tried those lines on me when I collapsed during route march and started crying and pounding the ground in front of the whole battalion

but that didn't work ^^;;

Someone else: hahaha
not everyone is like u then

the power of de-masculined embarrassment is too huge for many to bear.

Me: I do not adhere to archaic norms of proper (gender) behavior

Someone: hais
i think i shd be able to get a free phone from singtel

Me: wah
where you get the lobang
you know a grid girl ah

Someone: my plan over liao
renew then can get free food right

Me: free food?
are you hungry?

Someone: HAHA omg

Me: oh that's your threadless tee
oh la la

yes yes threadless

i love my ooh lala

wait what ooh lala
omg gabriel seah NOT THAT ooh lala

Me: :P

XMM: see la
how can i dare to meet u

i rather meet mr wet

Me: yah he has nicer hair than me

Someone on "Just having sex with a prostitute is of no interest to anyone and costs only about three dollars": 3 dollars, no way

either you play the game, and get it for free

or you do it properly and depending on where she's from it ranges from about 50? upwards

Me: “free" = pick chicks up?

Someone: yes, but it's different from picking chicks up in
singapore, i'd imagine
there're places which formalize the process and charge a brokerage fee
of course you could do it the old fashioned way

Me: har?!
aiyah that's just prostitution lah

or they send girls to you. who may not want to bed you

Someone: no, it's not
no, girls get in too

it's not prostitution, not exactly
but where do you draw the line, right?

Me: aiyah so it's like adultfriendfinder

Someone: i guess
but it's done japanese style, very discrete

Me: you may not want to bed each other

hee hee

so if you dont want to bed each other, how?
and since there'll be more guys than girls, how?

Someone: don't want then go to staff and say it didn't work out

more guys than girls, i don't think so
supply tends to meet demand

Me: got meh
I don't see how it will. unless the girls are paid

Someone: thyere're both kinds

Me: ok. cos universally
men want sex more than women

oh wait. japan is weird

a lot of men rather use an onacup

anyway usually the way demand is met:
- women are paid directly
- women are paid indirectly (e.g. drinks)
- the women are old, fat, ugly etc (look at adultfriendfinder)
- the men are very eligible (the average gigolo is hotter than the average prostitute)


Someone: too many china in those places

Me: hahahahahaha
why would prcs want to use those services?
to ask for payment (indirect)?

Someone: paid kind

Me: there you have it!
this is how supply meets demand

Someone else: gay and lesbian markets are like on 2 extremes
its like gay -- hetero -- lesbian

i'm not so zai to convert ppl gay, tho i've done it once i think
for a short while

i really wanna enroll into the ex-gay workshop at CooS [Ed: Church of Our Savior]

Me: oh but girls are more open to lesbian sex than guys

why you want to enrol? can prey on them? HAHAHAHAH

Someone else: oh that's a good one
and i'm trying not to laugh in class

Me: anyay I think it's mostly gays

Someone else: yar women are a lot
more bi than guys are

Someone: goodness, did i ever tell you the experience of taking a class on american politics in berkeley?

I was sitting in a class with a bunch (and I mean a big bunch) of liberals. and because it was a quasi linguistics class and it was election period, the prof basically used the class as his think tank. the scariest thing was that the class was almost too happy to lap up that job so that mr obama can be throned.

Me: Think tank? And how does that relate to linguistics?

Someone: well it was all about "phrasing" and appropriate use of metaphors and words that will serve the progressive course. well, hard to say cos I'm quite liberal too. its just that it was too anti-republican.

Someone else: Judging by the number of people complaining about going back to work on Facebook, I think I am super lucky I love my work.

Me: As a good economist, I believe markets tend to clear

Someone else: meaning...?

Me: Where people love their work, as in writing or advertising, they tend to be paid less and worked harder. Since people love the work, employers can afford to do so.

Where people dislike their work, they have to be paid more to do it.

There're anomalies, of course, but it's usually because someone has some unique talent. Or luck =D

Someone else: Ah yes, that's very true.
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