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Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Football is a mistake. It combines the two worst elements of American life. Violence and committee meetings." - George F. Will


At the bottom of REACH's ("Reaching Everyone for Active Citizenry at Home" aka the old Feedback Unit) hideous homepage which looks like it's been run over by a truck - which will be a subject for another day and probably someone else, I noticed that they had a Twitter widget.

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REACH's Twitter Page: 11 following, 20 followers, 7 updates (most recently: 13th February).

This beats my brother-in-law, at 1 following, 1 follower (no prizes for guessing who this sad sod is) and the last update coming a month ago, but this isn't saying much.

So, this is a good effort on their part (hand-in-glove with their much more successful Facebook effort, which has 1,872 members at present), but they seem to be content to let it spread organically.

Yet, everyone knows that a good Web marketing effort needs a healthy dose of steroids.

What they should do:

1) ANNOUNCE the Twitter account's existence in an official REACH email. I'm on the mailing list and unless something got swallowed by my spam filter I haven't heard anything.
2) Follow prominent Singaporean bloggers on Twitter (preferably those dealing with political issues)
3) @ reply Tweets on Singaporean issues with a link to the relevant REACH forum thread
4) Tweet more often. In the Twitterverse, out of updates (sight), out of mind.
5) Redesign their Twitter page: they need a bio and homepage (they forgot to link back to their homepage?! Goodness). Oh, and the background image is FUBAR.
6) Link their Facebook to their Twitter
7) Hold a giveaway: each week, a random follower will get a REACH goodybag

8) @kelvinq's suggestion: "Actually the worst thing about their effort is their awfully long username! Why not use @reach_sg while it's there?"
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