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Monday, January 12, 2009

"Freedom is just another word for nothing to left to lose."


Someone: anyway i think maybe he is jus bored

Me: haha

I'm also bored
what should I do

Someone: ask me out loh

thats what EVERYBODY does

Me: hahahahahahahahahahaha
you like social escort ah

Someone: yar
except dont get paid

only if lucky get free food
damn sucky

Me: depends on the food

Someone: not great lah i assure u

i look like clown meh


when bored then can call to entertain

Someone else: your search referral terms are getting from bad to worse
it's about time i contributed to the rot

i'm going to search

xiaxue fucking gabriel seah

see if you are going to put tha ton

Someone: i wonder if there are much more guys than girls in SG? why do i see so many guys with f**ked up gals

Me: hahaha
cos spore girls are ugly

Someone: ugly is besides e pt...

fiery-tempered, spoilt,

yet still got demand

Me: this is called "female mate choice"

Me on someone's present: what's wrong with red

Someone else: hate red. irritates me

Me: haha
and he didn't know?
time to dump!

Someone else: yah... point to consider
sin to add to list of transgressions

but really
you're a boy right
why encourage pettiness in female friends?

that's like making your own life miserable

Someone: scrunchies are really outta fashion

Me: hurr hurr
in singapore the fashion is don't tie

Someone: which is stupid

i think we need to do more/ experiment with our hair here

all chinese guys have the same look
and chinese girls in sg too
long straight hair

then once in a while the "perm wave" hits and everyone copies

the guys have spiky short hair

Me: no leh. perming was in fashion recently
now not sure

Someone: yeah, the jap perm
soft curls

very predictable

at weddings, nobody does anything with their hair
just let it long and down

and teh reason is cos guys like long haired gals

Me: except the bride

Someone: yes

Someone else: someone: "do u read the Bible?"
me: "Well, I've watched Bible Black"

Someone: i wanted to try bidding for korean

cos i wanted to draw squares and circles and lines
and make sense

HWMNBN on swap.avi: i heard about it on somethingawful before but never watched it. until now

it makes 2girls1cup look like the carebears

i deleted it
couldn't stand it
it was worse than 2girls1cup

if you want i can download it again for you
but you can find it yourself quite easily

i can say watching swap.avi truly changes a man
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