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Sunday, July 06, 2008

"Your true value depends entirely on what you are compared with." - Bob Wells


Japan trip
Day 3 - 8th June - Ice Festival, Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo
(Part 4)

They had some Ice Festival in Ueno park. Why this was held during Summer, I have no idea (yes, very Green country).

Red thing embedded in ice

Ice carving

Snow men monsters

Slide for kids

Ice from Alaska (wth, very Green)

Ice cube slicer. Explained by a pig and a goose. Tuck Lee ice works would not be happy.

Scientific demo of the power of pressure


The Tokyo National Museum was one of a grand total of 2 places where I got a discount, as a University Student.

"This is not garbage box", at ticket counter. I find this hilarious.

Wild Boar, wood

Eagle, bronze

Writing box

Set of Stationery Stand and Writing Box

Footed Bowl with Appliqued Crabs

Japanese Women, bronze. One breast is showing, tsk.

Old Man from the Story "Taketori Monogatari", Traveller

Heian Shrine and Maruyama Park, Colors on Silk

Japan has the oldest pottery in the world, dating to 10,000 BC. This notwithstanding, it was very amusing that there was a section with the labels "objects imported from China or Korea in the Yayoi period" and "objects which were not imported from China in the Yayoi period". Hah.

Dogu (Clay Figurine)
This is hideous. Japan's equivalent of Cycladic figurines.

Shuriken Objects of Tamoe Shaped Bronze

Recreation of the casting method of bronze mirrors

Around this time, I dropped my camera on the floor. A hole appeared in the casing and something protruded out. I could still take pictures (though light metering appeared slightly more screwed than before), but had to protect it from water more fervently. Moral of the story: always use the wrist strap, especially when you are carrying too much. Gah.

Gilt bronze pair of shoes. Wth.

Warrior in Keiko Armor, Haniwa (Terracotta warrior)

"Time Capsules for 5,670,000,000 Years - Prayers contained in the sutra mound"

Five-storied stupa of Fired Clay

Shiogama and Matsushima in Mutsu Province, Color print

The garden behind the museum

Trap (with illustration). This was used by the Ainu. Each household made its own hunting poison. No wonder they got conquered by the Japanese.

Tanto sword

Katana sword

Set of Sword Furniture. I'm guessing there're translation issues here.

Tachi Sword

They had swords dating back to the 13th century. At first glance they looked new, so well had they been polished and maintained.

Lacquerware. It used to be called "Japan" just as China is still called China.

Mirror Boxes

Water Jar
"The black glaze and the large crack add a strong sense of individuality". Nice try.

Water Jar

Their Japanese China was inferior to that in China. Delftware is better.
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