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Thursday, July 10, 2008

An email from Hum-Sup Guy:

Hello guys,

I write this email to encourage Gabriel, in his never say die spirit, to attempt Kinabalu again next summer. Shall we try Kinabalu 2009?

I have also attached the memorable photo for old time's sake.


A description from last year (apparently I didn't post a photo):

"When I woke up I had the most amazing pain. Even moving around slowly in bed was painful, not to mention turning about. Sitting up (and worse, standing up) was a struggle. Let's just say that if terminal cancer is like this, I am more convinced than ever that euthanasia is the way to go...

After a while, my condition improved from sheer agony to 'just' extreme pain. I was advised to stretch, but this sent fresh waves of torment through me, resulting in my manifesting 1 of my 2 reactions to unbearable pain - laughing (the other being crying). I laughed until my stomach hurt, which sent me into fresh throes. At this point the others came in and started exploiting me photographically."

No way, man.

Acidflask: that picture is like a cross between a reclining buddha, an arabesque and some obscure yoga position

Me: I’m glad you like it
the caption is “why I should never climb Mt Kinabalu again”

Acidflask: ah, i found the name i was looking for

Me: I can invent new yoga positions

Acidflask: they're called asanas

you could invent the postkinabaluasana ;
or perhaps a name with a less mongrelized etymology ;)
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