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Sunday, July 06, 2008

"The people I distrust most are those who want to improve our lives but have only one course of action." - Frank Herbert


MFM: singapore angle died somet ime ago

I mean, even when anyone posts things there now, the comments are hijacked by Darkness

Me: the brotherhood should be expelled
they ruin everything

Me: what else needs to be done for gender equality?

Someone: Hm, I'm supposed to talk about how enough has been done.

Me: well feminists like to make demands for quotas and that sort of thing

Someone: Um, what is equality?

Me: equality in outcomes? equality in opportunity? equality in treatment?

Someone: Yeah, is there a standard definition?

Because the term is rather vague.
And it seems difficult to quantify parity/
Though I suppose in this case it would be more about roles and education.

Me: well if you want to take the standard PC line you could say equality consists of women being adequately represented in politics, the workforce, management and other high flying job, salaries etc

and blame the lack of this representation on discrimination

Someone: Would it be logical to claim that such a line of reasoning devalues other roles women play?

In the sense that this would quantify achievement as having a good job, presumably with a lot of earning power.

Which would imply that all women who choose to be homemakers are basically not very useful.

For that matter, it would also imply that men who become homemakers are even more worse off.

Me: well it depends on the tack you want to take
that's one of the many contradictions in feminism

LDPVTP: i've met a lot of people who are really really poor

Me: yeah
makes the whining of upper-middle/upper class people even more insufferable right

LDPVTP: no, not really

a lot of poor people whine a lot too
for the same reasons. they think they deserve a free deal.

Me: but at least they're poor
so they're somewhat easier to sympathise with

LDPVTP: not always.

Me: the entitlement mentality?


the ones who feel entitled and who i have issues with are, of course, the ones who feel entitled beyond what they're actually entitled to

so it's actually worse

because i've seen poorer people than them.
and sometimes i've seen those poorer people than them right before i see them.
so the contrast is stark.

because their given reason is always, "i am poor. i need. thus you should give."


Someone: there's a chinese saying that goes


just sayin..

{Ed: Translation: "Those who deserve sympathy surely have detestable characteristics"
i.e. They're only human and not entirely to be pitied]

have you read Atlas Shrugged? ayn rand

it attacks this entire premise of giving based on need. it was one of the best ideas ever, although her prose was horrible in that book.

HWMNBN: what's with all these love songs?

Me: they're allegedly misogynistic
as you can see, the definition of misogyny is very wide

HWMNBN: misogynistic is a synonym for correct

Me: it's surprising college graduates support obama
shows you a college education doesn't make you smart

MFTTW: you don't know meh meh
94% of american college graduates are nonscience/engineering majors
i.e. by definition IRRATIONAL (i.e. arts stduents)

of COURSE they are convinced by fancy promises
and HOPE
because that's the selfsame argument they used when chosing their college majors

Me: if his opponent had been a white man, they'd have said that anyone not support obama is racist
luckily it was a woman, so they couldn't say that or be accused of sexism
but in sex vs race... race still wins out

MFTTW: haaha because there is the enslavement of blacks

also it's cooler to support racial minoriy
women are not minority

man i saw this coming a mile away

i told all my friends that obama was not going to keep his word
and they are all in denial


Me: women get irrational when they become emotional

My Toy: oh well
i'm sure u're used to it by now

Me: yeah
I hope better for women but they always disappoint me

My Toy: lol
too bad for u then

Me: or them

My Toy: yeaaa

Me: aiyah basically with women you need to lie

Frigid Girl: huh you only found out that fact of life now meh
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