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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I was with My Toy, Acidflask and some others, and decided to enjoy a bukkake (my first, in fact). He has higher-res pictures, but I haven't gotten them yet:

Wakafu Bukkake (Udon): fish flakes, seaweed, egg, sweet beancurd, fishcake, tempura crumbs, crabstick (bah, they said crab), spring onion and coriander, with a bowl of dipping sauce at the side. Delicious.

From Democratic ImPossibilities Potluck after Christmas:

My focaccia. Not brown enough, and oddly shaped. And it wasn't herbal enough (too bad I'd made the next batch of flour by that time)

Jap seal meat curry

Fishing for seal meat

2nd batch of focaccia (several days later) - I baked for a bit longer at a higher temperature, and also brushed the tops with olive oil, so they look better (even those without cheese):

Curry Cream Chicken. This was for Hurr Hurr. Someone labelled it: "Gabriel's Ominous Meat" but it was the most popular item, if I do say so myself.

Original recipe; instead of microwaving I stir fried to brown the onions and apples, as well as the chicken, then baked the mixture. I left out the mushrooms though. The cream and cream of mushroom soup (this seems to be a common shortcut) were a bit less than required though.

After the addition of more curry and a bit more baking

'Okonomiyaki' which looks like cai tao kuay bad cai tao kuay (caked together), brought to you by the same people who gave us equally disgusting Chicken Ham Takoyaki. Today, about a week and a half later, they came back as part of NUSSU's food fiesta bazaar (where there was massive racial disparity in vendors, and 3/4 the stalls could be found at normal bazaars anyway). Uhh.

Ichiban Boshi (Esplanade): 'Our premium dishes are carved with sincerity & only the freshest ingredients are used'. Presumably their normal dishes are cooked without sincerity and don't use the freshest ingredients. They also, like a few other places, have 2 tiers of ice cream: Haagen Dazs and an unnamed, cheaper brand.
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