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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sing along to the MDA Senior Management Rap:

Oh gods. My eyes. And ears.

It's so bad, it's not even good.

A car on fire is a very appropriate metaphor for this video.

If this is what "Singapore-made content to be number one" means, I'll rather survive on Malaysian imports.

(From Tym)

Selected Full lyrics:

Yes, yes y'all
We don't stop
Get creative, can do, rock on!

Yes, yes y'all
We don't stop
Get connected worldwide, rock on!

(Repeat above 2 stanzas)

Dr Christopher Chia
Chief Exective Officer

They call me CEO, hear me out everyone
My aim, a vibrant media hub for the city
Singapore-made content to be number one
Media choice and jobs for everybody

Michael Yap
Deputy Chief Exective Officer

I'm the man for this IDM R&D
Experimentation is my cup of tea
Flagship 2B for the world's stage
I.Jam, I.Rock and Futurescape

Amy Chua
Media Content

We classify media to give you a choice
We consult the community to give you a voice
And the industry has a part to play
To make our media city as bright as day

[Ed: This is probably the least-bad part of the video. The enunciation is clear, the lines are not *too* packed (and even flow somewhat) and delivery is lyrical even if not rap-like, in contradistinction to the other bits. Strikethroughs comes from a non-congruence of the subtitles and rapped lyrics.]

Heng Li Lang
Acting Director
Strategic Planning Group

Market trends, that's like my very best friend
My eyes on KPIs every now and then
Keepings programs tracked, for your best referral
Signing off, the numbers girl


Pam Hu
Community & International Relations

MediAction, is one of my directions
Community and International relations
Be aware, appreciate, adopt, advocate
The media for work, learning and play

Lim Chin Siang
IT & Technology

We'll be consolidating data and building
A service oriented architecture
To add value to the economy, for a bright future
Like an LCD screen, you'll get a crystal clear picture

Ling Pek Ling
Media Policy

Keep your channels open, HD's the new TV
Right here, anywhere through mobility
My job's to review the MMCC (Media Market Conduct Code)
My very big 'yes' to industry growth

Man Shu Sum
Broadcast & Film Development

Hold up please, they call me 'The Man'
I know good directors at (sic) the back of my hand
Film and TV, so tell me what's next
Singapore content, on an international stage


Musical interlude

Seto Lok Yin
Assistant Chief Executive
Industry Development

The time has come to build our talents
These are the strength (sic) for the new challenge
Global market for local growth
With the right schemes and support

Cassandra Tay

Communications is key to grow our media city
Hand in hand with the press for publicity
Singapore Media Fusion, it's everywhere
"I Made it in Singapore"
China, Cannes, here we come

Tham Wai Kin
Customer & Licensing Services

Nothing but the best service for our customers
Fees and fines, we make it all the easier
This for the industry & public licensees
You can holler at us 24/7

Tow Joon Lai
Corporate Services

People and money, that's my spot
I stay focused on the dot, strategically support
Next I'll beautify our Fusionopolis
Singapore Quality Class, please take notice

Yeo Chun Cheng
Chief Information Officer

They call me the HDTV guy
My tasks include internal systems integration
HRFIS, PMP to iTrax
Please stay tuned, next up Channel X!

[Ed: Isn't Channel X that robotic voice anti-PAP YouTube channel?]

Chorus till your brain explodes

Check out Da Bling. Not.

I want my tax money back!

Update: The video has been mirrored on YouTube:

There's only 1 redeeming feature of the video. And even Power Rangers has better CGI than this. I'd rather watch 2girls1cup (NSFW) than this.

At least they told us that we can holler at them 24/7, so what are you waiting for?! Go film reaction videos like this one (SFW) for 2girls1finger!
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