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Monday, August 27, 2007

Gah gah gah.

Email in my inbox:


You might not know my name yet but will recognise me by my face. I am ***, taking *** with you. If you were there last class, I was the guy who was arguing about karate moves with ***!! Yeah, made the whole class laugh!! :)

Well anyway, I am running for the *** elections for the post of ***!!

The campaigning week has begun and I request you to kindly come down and vote for me on any of the voting days (namely 3rd, 4th and 5th September). The voting booth will be at Level 6, Block ADM.

I am a [non-first year] year student and have had quite a lot of experience in financial matters in ***. I was the Treasurer for

1) *** committee
2) *** committee

I will put in my best efforts into ensuring that *** so you can trust me to my job well!!

When you come down to vote, you may read all the candidates’ application forms. You will notice that I have one contender for the position, who is a freshman. If you are not convinced that I am the best person for the job, kindly go through the applications for more information!! You will notice that I have a fair amount of organisational experience in addition to ***.

You might notice some modest posters around the corridors (I have taken a lot pain and painted them, to be more economic!). So as the posters say, kindly

Vote for *** as ***!

Also I would really appreciate it if you tell your friends who are not taking this module that I am experienced and dedicated and therefore the best contender for the position!

Thanks a lot for your time!

Cheers! :)

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