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Friday, August 31, 2007

China Trip
Day 10 (2/7) - Hong Kong-Singapore

There was a Krispy Kreme at the airport (Terminal 2, where there was almost nothing else), so I bought back 36.

Half of the flavours were less sweet, for Hongkie pallettes.

KK had some fruit festival promotion, but their "lemon quencher" made me even more thirsty. Gah.

Johnny Malkavian likes his KKs frozen. I couldn't quite see why, except for the Chocolate Cake donut, where it was a great experience.

Hong Kong names: Riva (a guy)

As I went through security screening, a horrible thought occured to me: the fillings of the Krispy Kremes might be considered gels or liquids, and they'd suspect me of buying so many 'donuts' on board because I wanted to blow up the plane. Luckily, this did not happen.

When I'd returned from Stanford, someone had claimed that the fast passport lane (where you scan your passport and thumbprint) in Changi was only for people with the newest, biometric passports. Seeing the line at the normal lane, I made enquiries and found out that this was not the case, and I used it. Gah.
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