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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Chinese Language Policies In Singapore

We are a group of students researching the impact of the declining standard of the Chinese language on society in Singapore as our Project Work assignment. The following survey is part of our research and we would appreciate your help in completing it.

The declining standard of Chinese has manifested itself in several education policies:
- The Chinese Language B Syllabus is an easier exam and syllabus studied by students who are struggling with the language.
- Requirements for taking Higher Chinese have been lowered to make it easier for able students to take the language at a higher level in hopes of producing a bilingual elite.
- University admission criteria have been altered, making it no longer compulsory to include Chinese results in admission scores.
- A new review committee has been set up to monitor and modify Chinese teaching methods in accordance with the ability levels of students.

We would like to know your opinions and views on these changes. Thank you.

Question 9: How would the policies affect you personally?


More insights on what happens at night in the halls of our country's Premier Institution of Social Engineering:

Friend: the guys in my block are looking for girls to drag into the toilets to shampoo. all of us have to lock our doors. what the heck

it's some honour thing lah.... like why tchs guys don't want to get stripped during their birthdays

and it's very difficult to wash clean after tt cos they use A LOT of shampoo

Me: wah lao sounds like they go around raping girls... forcibly pinning them down etc

Friend: close

Witnessing this sounds like it would be more fun than being a voyeur!
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