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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Thanks to Screwed Up Girl, who game me the wrong information regarding my meetup, I went to the wrong place and wasted my time.

I should have trusted my memory instead of her amazing ablity to convey the wrong information to others (this is not the first time).


After using a Natural Sponge, I now know why everyone uses artificial ones. Natural sponges are extremely fragile, and disintegrate during use and split easily. Meanwhile artificial ones feel just as good on the skin.

One of my uniquely perverted hobbies is to skip steps while mounting or dismounting the top decks of SBS SuperBuses with counters indicating the number of seats left on the top deck. As such, one of my exotic fantasies is to crash the counter by alternately mounting the top deck properly and then skipping steps on the way down, repeating this ad infinitum, or vice versa. Unfortunately, like my other uniquely perverted fantasies, it is unlikely to be fulfilled.

I wonder if the banglas who clear the rubbish from the rubbish points of high-rise buildings wear hard hats. If they don't, what happens if, while they are clearing the rubbish, some hard object hurtles down the chute at terminal velocity, and lands on their heads? You'd need a cover-up then!

Playing With Time - Various clips of both time-lapse photography (say, of spring's reviving touch) and slowed down footage (of, for example, an eye blinking)

10 Worst Album Covers of all time - I could die laughing. I listened to Devastatin' Dave: The Turntable Slave's "Zip Zap Rap". It is indeed "quite the experience". If you want more, there's a sequel.

A Study of Swearing in Modern English - Intelligent discourse on anything remotely linked to this subject is most rare.

Showing Our Feathers - Good explanation of why people like to boast of how hard their lives are, and wear the depredations of the Fates like badges of merit

Datadocktor'n - din hjälp bland ettor o nollor - " A hard drive becomes fragmented very, very fast. What happens is that all the tiny ones and zeros gets mixed and confused, and to get back the original speed on Your hard drive it's necessary to Defragment it. There are several of different species of software to make this happen, but the most excellent way to do it is a hardwaredefragmentation. you'll only need some basic data-mechanical-skills to be able to accomplish this operation."

Socio-Political Themes in The Smurfs - "Adding to the idea of complete equality in the Village, most of the Smurfs wear the same kind and colour of clothes. It is a general work uniform, and with the distinctive caps and blue skin, is highly reminiscent of the so-called Mao Suit, common in Maoist China... Smurfette has no breasts... The idea that a woman can be made by a man denies women's key role in procreation. The fact that she does not posess breasts goes further to this denial of nature, an attempt to control women, to make them conform to the societal norm imposed by the patriachal order."

Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists - "Highlighting the heads of science"

Smoking is for stupid people. - "My friend has slept with 3 smokers and 3 non-smokers. She says that smoker's penises are very clearly softer than non-smokers"

Judges Against The Drug War - "For the past thirty years Judges have looked on as America’s War on Drugs has played itself out before their eyes. They have seen the inevitable increase in police powers and erosion of civil rights needed to facilitate the investigation of drug offenses. They have witnessed the widespread, unprecedented use of asset forfeiture. And they have been forced to impose unjust mandatory minimum sentences. They're finally speaking out."
Finally, a breath of reason

Tragic end of the boy who was brought up as a girl - "David Reimer was hailed by scientists as a triumph of nurture over nature. But as his suicide shows, this was a terrible mistake"

International Teen Vampire Meetup Day - "Meetup with other Vamps, ages 16-19. There are no posers or role players allowed. THIS IS FOR REAL TEEN VAMPIRES."
Why do I have the feeling that I don't want to know what a "Teen Vampire" is?

Archaeology Magazine - Clear and comprehensible. To me, at least.

Quit Today - Xephyris: "LOL, NEVER!"

"Q: If I don't read Slashdot, who will share interesting links with me, and with whom will I discuss the interesting links I find?
A: If you don't have friends with whom to share links and conversation, you have social problems and you should confront them instead of joining a cultlike pseudo-community. If you have too much free time and can't think of a better way to spend it than reading Slashdot, you need a hobby, a job, or both."
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