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Friday, April 04, 2003

Something I got in the (e)mail:

Rafflesians for Rafflesians
...Fuel the promethean flame�

Peer mentorship in RJC � leaving a legacy.

Proposed is a peer mentorship programme that is very different from systems that have been previously practised. The focus is on a more relaxed volunteer tutoring programme

There are instances where students find it difficult to grasp a topic or subject that their tutor is presently teaching. We all have had a taste of how hard A level topics are. Many students cannot afford tuition classes and CCAs make it difficult to schedule tuition on a regular basis. This system will give them a solution to their academic problems.

The machinery - The names and contacts of volunteers will be put up on the school intranet or on the notice board. Volunteers can sign up and withdraw from the programme at any time. . Volunteers will be assigned subjects that they feel comfortable in tutoring, so as to provide optimum assistance. Their teachers will then verify the ability of the volunteers to teach.

Students who feel that they require assistance can approach these sources to obtain this list of available volunteers. The arrangements can then be made between the students and volunteers. The volunteers, however, are obliged to tutor a student for a stipulated period of time � say 1 week, 1 month, 3 or 4 months � which should be agreed on by the volunteer and the student mutually.

The rationale behind this programme is simple. After the A levels, most graduated Rafflesians have at most 8 months of vacation or 2 years of National Service. Also, there are many Rafflesians who go overseas for higher education and come back for long periods of vacation. Surely, this flexible system will allow them to arrange to make a difference for the school during these periods of time.

The Rafflesian spirit boasts passion, dedication and service. I really do hope that all of you able, young Rafflesians will do your part in leaving a legacy and strengthening the unity that bind our school.

Contact Vimaljit Kaur at 92714918 to find out more.

Sign up by sending an email with your particulars, contact number and the subject(s) you are comfortable teaching to RforR@hotmail.com
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