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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Went to Ye Shang Hai with my parents on Sunday before returning to the Middle of Nowhere. The draw (for them) - Rebecca Pan, the singer from the 60s, was singing a few songs.

Of course, there were some hangers-on. For one, there was the President of some "Old Songs Society". And uncharacteristically, he was quite young. And he sang in falsetto all the way, probably because his speaking voice was unbelievably high.

Most of the songs that were performed during the night (both English and Chinese) were familiar to me, which tells you something :) And of course for the encore piece they *had* to sing "Ye Shang Hai". Gah.

This week, it's my black cat's turn to visit Sungei Gedong. Unfortunately, it seems to be shedding fur all over my bed! :( And it's a brand new Ty Cat too.

Restored post

We medics are tasked with the horrible area cleaning task of washing the toilets. What makes our unenviable task worse is people's disgusting toilet habits - mainly, not flushing. These people are at least 18, if not 19, 20, 21 or beyond, and in the army to boot, and they still don't know that you should flush a toilet after you use it. Or maybe they just don't like us.

I saw my favourite, well, one of my favourite Storemen at the medical centre - Z Y Lim, in overalls (which are supposedly more comfortable, don't need to have their sleeves folded so nicely and don't show the grime on them so tellingly) and with his nametag looking like it was written with a Marker (and indeed it was). He's going to go for an Enhanced BMT Recourse, and once it starts, his marvelous stayout life will end and he will have to stay in camp. Aww. He's aware that dear ole Y D Lun is in our camp, and has been pestered by the aforementioned, who even poked him when Zhongyong ignored him. Apparently Yaodong claimed that he got into NUS Law. Right. What *is* true and verified is that he's signed at least 10 extra duties so far. Anyhow I've sort of warned him that he's on the verge of getting into trouble, so I've done what I should (and probably more).

We had another change of command parade, this time for my brigade. Parade Commanders for Armour Parades travel in style - on Jeeps! They managed to add some frills this time - they got people to set up pyrotechnics for the end, and there were 2 "men", one green and one red, billowing at the back of the parade square at the end of the parade. Perhaps the best way to describe the "men" would be as humanoid shaped windsocks through which air was blown.

A SAF band was in attendence, and the music was insipid and stale. I think they have one or two standard pieces to play for entrances, exits, inspection and saluting each, and a few standard pieces for musical interludes, which all sound the same, even if they aren't.

Andrew Tan has been visiting my unit for unspecified illicit activities recently and he says my cookhouse cook is really good. By his own admission, his sucks, so that explains it I guess. I'd never rate the food at my cookhouse "poor" (except for Breakfast), but it's nothing to write home about :)

Some people book slots at the e-learning centre up to, and probably more than, 2 weeks in advance :( Evil. Anyhow the most popular sites there are, besides Hotmail and Yahoo, Yahoo Games and Photoforum.org!

I may still be hurting all over from RT, but I realise I've been getting to know more people in my unit. We're part of a club - the "club of those who are unfit but too lazy or honest to get downgraded"!

Latest OCT seen: Wong Liangwei. A merry merry armour family we are. "Once armour, always armour". How depressing.

Not content with spamming my Hotmail account with an unbelievable load of spam, the forces of evil have scaled up their offensive. Today, I got a call, an "invitation", on my mobile phone to attend a 1 hour "exhibition" by some vacation company. !@#$%^&*()


[To me] What are you writing? Your will ah. Writing your will before RT.

How is it? [Me: How is what?] RT. You look ecstatic. [Me: I just ate dinner] No wonder.

[On why he continued eating my Balsamic Vinegar Kettle Chips even though he didn't really like the flavour] Where to find potato chips with this sort of crunch? (Where can you)

[On Yaodong] Fuck him lah, he's a failure

Let go the music, entertain the guests (Play)

All put on berry (berets)
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