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Sunday, September 08, 2002

Relatives are over. And as usual the youngsters are / feel excluded :)

There are two remotely my age, both girls. One seems to be in Upper Sec. She's using "Pass your GCE O Level Elementary Mathematics".

RGS used to / uses that book too. I remember Yunxin using it :)

The other has 2 Sweet Valley High books :0 Horror.


I just went to wash most of the dishes, all oily from the Katong-style Laksa (Katong Laksa is sprouting up all over the island. I think she got a packet of mix from her friend's brother) that my mother made, albeit from a packet (when I heard she was making Laksa I was surprised, as she'd never done so before, until I found out it was from a packet).

My auntie, Ah Hoon Ah Yee, gave me a big white bear, with pink inner ears, pink soles and a pink ribbon around its neck, just now. Then when I was doing the dishes, she sidled up to ask me if I had a girlfriend.

Why those who are married and have hit middle age like to torment those younger than them with this manner of questions puzzles me. Maybe they like to see the awkward looks upon the faces of their prey, and can proceed to tease them further. In this case, the follow up to my reply in the negative was an offer to introduce me to the Sec 3 girl outside (who has returned to attempting to pass her E Maths). (...)
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