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Saturday, April 20, 2002

I was just at Ikea to support (or laugh if you prefer) at the people taking part in the 24hr playwriting competition organised by Theatreworks. Those I knew were sitting in a large clique - 5 people, and didn't have much to show after 5 hours, with the most being 2 pages of stuff written :) They'll probably do as people usually do with homework - slack till the last hour and then go into overdrive.

I'm told that the J2 Humanz people call me "Emperor Penguin". What comes around goes around! :)

Burger King's reduced the price of their "King Size" to 30 cents. I doubt anyone'll bite, though - even I can't finish a King Sized meal.

Andrew, you should ask all your Uni friends to read your posts. Then I get get even more hits. Muahaha.

My trust IIIc's screen finally gave up the ghost, so I'm now reduced to going around with pen and paper. Oh well, palmtops aren't allowed in SAF camps anyway.

I wonder if I'll ever get the RJ 2001 Yearbook. It's taking an awfully long time. As is the Raffles Guys one. Tripod's reducing the free disk space quota soon, so I'm going to have to move. Lazy though. Bleah.

I got a weird email:
"Hey I used to be from ACS. Do you know any girls from RGS?? Maybe you can maje an introduction"
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