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Saturday, April 20, 2002

Got to know chris a bit ... he hung around as we ate our Intersection dinner in lygon court.... going to tif's place was called off since it was so late and everyone was tired.

I was a little worried about dissection prac on friday... then sarah found out and was telling me about how it would go, and that they wouldn't start flinging limbs and sawing up things... put me at ease (thanks loads sarah!! u rock!!)

We had quite an informative workshop before going into the lab... tutor explained lots of things clearly to us. Then we walked into this cold (air-con's kept colder than usual in the anat labs because of special requirements) and saw lots of tables with white sheets draped over them. First thing we saw was a leg... not a face. Then we were introduced to an arm, finally face, trunk, and a full body. The smell of formalin (especially when a lot of it comes out when exposing body cavities) is somewhat overwhelming... but nobody in first yr med fainted that day. After touching the various parts, my gloves stank... i thought they would just smell strongly of formalin, but i was very wrong.

Struggled to remove my gloves without touching any actual part of it. I had been commenting earlier that i would probably throw my clothes into the laundry immediately... gleefully forgot abt doing that, kept everything on thru OCF.

And brought jiaming and tiffany to ormond dinner (fish, chicken, chips) cherlynn and her friend crashed from trinity, were on their *second* dinner. And OCF afterward. I was quite disappointed with the word, maybe it's just that it didn't live up to last week's power message on the Kingdom of God. This week, he glanced thru "the kingdom of god is within you. Within you!" and practical applications of the passage in Matthew. I think i fell asleep thru it.

Lu-fee has a cool organiser! It has a metal cover, a microchip thingy with capacitors and grooves and lines and things like that!

In OCF word time brought up definition of hell as an eternity spent apart from God.... which sparked off lots of opinions and discusssion... As vyu kien described it, any form of bible study or learning has no warm-fuzzy or academic purpose other than its original one, to change lives- the wesleyan "the only eternal things are the Word of God and the souls of men". Adjective for the bible- "rhema"(sp?) Living, Breathing Word of God- that Wisdom, defined as knowledge of God, can be increased and our relationship with God will grow and deepen.

Oh and gabriel the premise you put that the catholic church believes in good works before faith, and the protestant church believing faith before good works, does not hold by the Gospels. It is soundly defeated in Romans- 8 i think. [Ed: I said no such thing! :) I just said the Catholics believe both are needed and Protestants just believe faith is needed]

And gabriel your premise is flawed, according to the bible those who are in the kingdom of God should have the faith that automatically prompts good works. And this is common to all.

Getting late, and i gotta wake up at 7 tomorrow... will blog more.

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