"Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and the Sultan of Johor are seen in a blue Proton Saga... "When asked whether there is any tension with the sultan, Dr Mahathir said: “No, I don’t see anything because I went to see him and he drove me to the airport. I don’t want to comment on the sultans because if I say anything that is not good then it’s not nice because he is the sultan”"

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Links - 27th May 2019 (1) (Notre Dame de Paris)

Christoph on Twitter - "Few things better illustrate our current brand of woke nihilism than people cheering on the burning of the Notre Dame because something something colonialism"
When you hate white people so much that destroying art, culture and history are good

Katarina Kosa🇻🇦 on Twitter - "BREAKING: #AvengersEndgame smashes the record for biggest opening in movie history, making $1.2 BILLION worldwide in the first weekend. It beats the record set last year by 'Infinity War' by $560 MILLION."
""I can't believe you people gave so much money to Notre Dame, imagine how many poor people that could help""
Literally whataboutism - but that's ok for the liberal agenda

Brittany Pettibone on Twitter - "Give Notre Dame a Modern Roof the Alt-Right Will Hate"
"“Let’s destroy a sacred 856-year-old Catholic Cathedral, an irreplaceable symbol of European civilization, to get revenge on the Alt-Right.”
And journalists wonder why they’re so hated"

Muslim Politician in Canada Says Notre Dame Fire Was “Divine Intervention” - "Québec Solidaire member Eve Torres suggested that the tragedy was “a result of a divine intervention related to the prohibition of religious symbols in France”... France passed an act of parliament in 2010 which banned the wearing of face-covering headgear in public places, including the Muslim niqab and burka.Torres said that the ban had provoked the “wrath” of Allah and “here is the result!”She further added, “I would sleep firefighters at the basilica of Notre-Dame Street in Montreal,” suggesting that could be the next church to go up in flames... Torres later apologized, claiming it was all just a “joke”.BuzzFeed and other media outlets have attempted to portray Muslims celebrating or justifying the fire as a “conspiracy theory”.

As Notre Dame Burns, Social Media Users Bombard Videos With Laugh Reactions - "Another post showed users using the “love” reaction on comments about the fire, one user writing “Allah is grand,” and another user seeming to suggest the fire may be vengeance against the “racist” French for centuries old colonization of the Americas and Africa."

Jamil F. Khan on Twitter - "Europeans came here and burnt our books, artworks, libraries, universities... everything. Then they stole our indigenous knowledge and resources to build Europe. If you believe in karma, make of this what you will.
There is never a time and place to hammer on about (historical) injustice. It’s always the right time to me. Also, it’s a fucking building. Y’all care more about buildings than Black people. Besides, almost all of European history is built on Black pain, so let it burn.
And please, there is a difference between rejoicing in tragedy and contextualising one’s apathy. No history will be repeated - if we wanted revenge we’d have had it."
Replies: "It's true, Notre-Dame was built to celebrate Napolean Bonaparte's invasion and destruction of Wakanda in the year 1160."
"So when Jan van Riebeeck landed here in 1652 there were books, libraries and universities?"
"South Africa... Good. What kind of technical knowledge did Zulus have in 13th Century? How to built a bow or a hut with mud and dry grass?"

Sara L. Uckelman - "While what has happened to Notre Dame today has shocked me and moved me to tears more than once over the course of the evening, I'm finding that my background and training as a medievalist means I'm, overall, finding it a lot less devastating than many people. Why?
Because I know how churches live. They are not static monuments to the past. They are built, they get burned, they are rebuilt, they are extended, they get ransacked, they get rebuilt, they collapse because they were not built well, they get rebuilt, they get extended, they get renovated, they get bombed, they get rebuilt. It is the continuous presence, not the original structure, that matters.
The spire that fell, that beautiful iconic spire? Not even 200 years old. A new spire can be built, the next stage in the evolution of the cathedral.
The rose windows? Reproductions of the originals. We can reproduce them again.
Notre Dame is one of the best documented cathedrals in the world. We have the knowledge we need to rebuild it. But more than that: We have the skill. There may not be as many ecclesiastical stone masons nowadays as there were in the height of the Middle Ages, but there are still plenty, and I bet masons from all over Europe, if not further, will be standing ready to contribute to rebuilding. Same with glaziers, carpenters, etc.
Precious artworks and relics may have been lost...
This isn't the first time Notre Dame has burned. I'm dead certain it won't be the last."

Laura Lynch - An update about the Notre-Dame fire: There's been a... - "The fact that more of the cathedral was not ruined is a testament to the ingenuity of its original architects. Notre-Dame is an incredibly well-designed building, which is largely why it has withstood the test of time so well. The vault I mentioned earlier was intentionally built to protect the interior of the building and slow the spread of fire in case of just the sort of scenario we saw yesterday"

Notre Dame Cathedral Raises Questions About France’s National Identity - "Viollet-le-Duc’s restoration of the church was highly controversial, and to an extent still is today. “His approach to restoration was not, ‘Let’s fix the building as it is and put it in decent structural condition,'” says Cesare Birignani, assistant professor at the Spitzer School of Architecture, City College of New York. “In fact, he acted in a much more inventive and problematic way, because he claimed to reestablish or restore the church to an image that it may never have had. [It was] his own reinvention, or his own idea of how the church may have existed at the beginning of the 13th century” — an idealized version of French history that arguably never existed in the first place. The restoration also led to the reappraisal of the Gothic style as “a kind of the ultimate symbol of French architecture,” says Birignani. Unlike Renaissance-style architecture, the Gothic style was something the French people could claim as their own, which led to it becoming “a kind of collective symbol…[or] a collective creation of the French people,” he says... Harwood, too, believes that it would be a mistake to try to recreate the edifice as it once stood, as LeDuc did more than 150 years ago. Any rebuilding should be a reflection not of an old France, or the France that never was — a non-secular, white European France — but a reflection of the France of today, a France that is currently in the making... Hamburger, however, dismisses this idea as “preposterous.” Now that the full extent of the damage is being reckoned with — and is less than many initially feared — he sees no reason to not try to rebuild and preserve one of the few remaining wonders of medieval architecture. “It’s not as if in rebuilding the church one is necessarily building a monument to the glorification of medieval catholicism and aristocracy. It’s simply the case that the building has witnessed the entire history of France as a modern nation,” he says. “[You] can’t just erase history. It’s there, and it has to be dealt with critically.”"
Good luck keeping the UNESCO listing if you rebuild it in some modern style

MKR's Manu Feildel shocked by Notre Dame fundraising - "Manu also received some criticism for the post, with some people telling the celebrity chef to donate his own money to the causes he cares about.'I want to ask if the profits from your restaurant and MKR are all going to the starving children?' one person asked."

'This is incredibly disturbing!!! The world is f***ed!!!'
Comments: "Charities have been giving money to this as long as I can remember and clearly it’s not getting to the right channels because of corruption. If people want to give their money to rebuild history it’s their business and well done to them all"
"you could give billions to to these 'starving kids' and they will be in same situation year later, its birth control and education they need!"
"My wife and I were talking about this very subject quite recently. We've given regularly to aid charities for over forty years, and yet we're still seeing pictures on our TV of children drinking mud and carrying water five miles before going to school. So, what's happened to the £billions given to these countries?"
"What some of the richest people in the world donate THEIR MONEY to is entirely up to them. Sorry if you don’t agree with what they donate to, but it’s THEIR money & no one should dictate where they spend it. Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean the responsibility of feeding the starving falls on your shoulders. No one knows what else these people donate to..."
At least if you donate to Notre Dame you'll see some tangible improvements
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