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Monday, May 13, 2019

Links - 13th May 2019 (1)

Majority of California Residents Want to Leave: Poll - "A new poll reveals that 53% of California residents are considering leaving the Golden State because of the high cost of living... “It appears the housing and homelessness crises have led to a pessimistic outlook.”"

The Top Four Reasons California Is Unsustainable - "4. California’s Infrastructure Deficit...
The state’s water system remains essentially is as it was in the 1960s. As for its roads, a recent headline declared that “California’s roads are some of the poorest in the nation and rapidly getting worse.”...
3. Government Debt.
2. California’s Taxes and Regulations...
What is remarkable about the California income tax isn’t just that it has the highest rate, it is how little income it takes, just above $52,000, to qualify for California rate of 9.3%. Given the high cost of living in California, that means many Californians are subject to that rate... California’s middle class has been hollowed. A recent CNBC headline read: "Californians fed up with housing costs and taxes are fleeing state in big numbers." Where are they going? Many have left for low tax states offering more jobs than California. They have been replaced by those taking advantage of California’s magnet government policies, which increase California’s long-term spending needs... Little wonder, the demographer Joel Kotkin concluded that “the state is run for the very rich, the very poor, and the public employees.” It is also how California found itself with the worst poverty problem and why “California ranks dead last among U.S. states in quality of life""

8 reasons why Peppa Pig is the worst - "1. Her endless fat-shaming of poor Daddy Pig
2. Her habit of jumping in muddy puddles
3. Her incessant whinging when she loses a game
4. Her blatant rudeness when it comes to her friends
5. Her overuse of the word ‘yuk!’
6. And her other charming catchphrase, ‘I don’t like you any more, you’re not my best friend’
7. She’s such a mean older sister
8. That. SNORT."

Girl, 12, battered by bullies is 'EXCLUDED from lessons for bringing school into disrepute' - "A 12-YEAR-OLD girl who was filmed being battered by bullies has been EXCLUDED from lessons for bringing school into disrepute, her horrified mum has claimed.Year 8 student April Ward screamed for help as she was battered to the ground in sickening footage that was shared on social media. The schoolgirl's family then shared the video themselves in an attempt to shine the light on bullying."

Raheem Kassam - Posts - "Wow, so the white working-class girl who was beaten by a savage mob in Birmingham not only missed out on the wall-to-wall mainstream media coverage and small fortune in crowdfunding given to the Syrian who had water poured on him, she was also SUSPENDED by Cardinal Wiseman for "bringing the school into disrepute""
"Punching up" means it's good to beat white people up

I,Hypocrite - Posts - ""Hi, I'm a victim of rape is this the right number?"
"What's your skin color?"
"Half white half hispanic"
"Hold on, I have to consult my manual to see if your skin is dark enough to get support""
"Rape Crisis Wycombe, Chiltem and South Buckinghamshire. Free and Confidential Support for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Women"

'Salman Rushdie radicalised my generation'
Satiria - Posts - ""I was radicalised by white people who didn't hand a brown person over to be executed for blasphemy" -- #SalmanRushdie 30 years on, A #woke #BBC special"

The Screen - Posts - "How tall are you?"
"How big are your tits?"
"Thank you for failing my test. My boyfriend is conducting a study on toxic men and how they get really defensive when asked about their height and tend to try to offend women by asking about commonly known insecurities in women, like weight or degrading them by asking about their chest size"
This is a good example of female entitlement

Family-friendly goat café is forced to close its doors after it's subjected to 'four months' worth of constant harassment, vile statements and threats from abusive vegan activists' - "The Gippy Goat Café in the small Victorian town of Yarragon, about 110km south-east of Melbourne, closed its doors for the final time on Sunday, claiming they could no longer stand the abuse."
Militant vegans strike again

Vegan activists storm steakhouse and force diners to listen to sounds of slaughter - "A group of vegan activists who stormed a Brighton steakhouse and played sounds of cows being slaughtered were shouted down by a stag party who sang back at them 'stand up if you love meat'... Members of the stag party, including a £250 'Oompa Loompa impersonator', started chanting back at them and even persuaded fellow diners to join in."

Ethical veganism could be considered 'protected belief' akin to religion in landmark case - "Ethical veganism could be given the status of a protected belief in a landmark employment tribunal, as experts have said “it is more than just a lifestyle choice”.Jordi Casamitjana, an ethical vegan, has claimed that he was fired by the League Against Cruel Sports after raising concerns that its pension fund was being invested into companies involved in animal testing.He has said that he was unfairly disciplined for making the disclosure and that the charity’s decision to dismiss him was because of his philosophical belief in ethical veganism... Mr Casamitjana's lawyers said ethical veganism "comfortably" satisfies the series of tests required for it to be classed as a philosophical or protected belief, meaning it would be protected under the Equality Act 2010. These tests include being worthy of respect in a democratic society, not being incompatible with human dignity and not conflicting with fundamental rights of others... the League Against Cruel Sports said it “fairly dismissed” Mr Casamitjana for gross misconduct and that linking the decision to his veganism was "factually wrong".In a statement posted on their website, they said: “The Claimant in this case was dismissed for gross misconduct and for failing to follow express management instructions that were given to him."

Women in India pay the price for cashew nut demand as vegan diets rise - "Women who shell cashew nuts for as little as £2 a day are regularly left with agonising acid burns while trying to meet British demands for the snack... As well a protein-rich snack, many dairy-free ‘cheeses’ loved by vegans are typically made using cashews, as well as creamy sauces used in pasta dishes"

From Saudi to Cameroon, do UK business links really ‘open channels to raise human rights concerns’? - "Theresa May has repeatedly used this phrase to defend Britain’s embrace of Saudi Arabia, while providing no examples of how, when or where attacks were deterred. Saudi school books still promote hatred of Christians and Jews, and the Kingdom continues to fund the spread of extreme Wahhabist Islamic ideology in thousands of mosques across the globe. Together with the Khashoggi murder and the imprisonment and torture of women’s rights activists, how has trade had a positive influence on Saudi’s ruling class?"

In academia, censorship and conformity have become the norm - "A new academic journal, titled The Journal of Controversial Ideas, launching in the new year, will be peer-reviewed and offer a diverse range of viewpoints, calling upon liberals, conservatives, as well as those who are religious and secular, to submit their work. Most notably, it will allow academics to publish under pseudonyms... Based on conversations I’ve had with colleagues still working in academia and from what I can tell about recent cases of censorship, the antagonism is primarily from left-leaning colleagues attacking other liberals. The problem has been increasing and was the reason I chose to leave the field of sex research. In the last several months alone, multiple controversies involving academic censorship have emerged. Earlier this year, a paper by Theodore Hill, a professor emeritus of mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, wrote about the “greater male variability hypothesis,” which posits that men are more variable than women along a number of traits, including intelligence, translating to a greater number of men at the high and low extremes.After the paper was accepted in one journal and subsequently rescinded due to feminist scholars’ fears that it would be used to justify sexism, Dr. Hill got the paper published in another journal online, only to have it disappear from its website shortly thereafter. He was told the decision was not due to the paper’s scientific methods but its political implications... These instances are indicative of a larger, worrisome trend – instead of debating contentious ideas, those in opposition to them throw words ending in “-phobic” around, shutting the conversation down and pretending they don’t exist... Medical doctors and hard scientists will often team up with faculty in departments such as gender studies, philosophy, education and English to provide an ideological framework through which findings are interpreted"

EMBARRASSING: Europeans Realizing Trump Was Right About Iran - "diplomats from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and France expressed their concern because of an Iranian medium-range ballistic missile test on Saturday."

Newly-Elected DA Vows To Stop Prosecuting Resisting Arrest And 15 Other Crimes - "When Suffolk County’s district attorney-elect Rachel Rollins takes over the prosecutor’s office in January, criminals will no longer need to worry about being held accountable for many offenses – including resisting arrest. “It’s a recipe for disaster,” veteran Boston defense attorney, Robert Griffin, told the Boston Globe.“The problem is the message that you’re sending,” Griffin stressed. “You’re encouraging bad behavior. You’re telling people that we’re not going to do anything about this.”... With rare exception, offenses of shoplifting, trespass, threats, and larceny under $250 will no longer be prosecuted, as well as disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and “minor driving offenses,” according to the list.Breaking and entering will not be prosecuted, as long as the perpetrator makes sure the property is vacant. Alternatively, those who commit break-ins of occupied homes because they are cold or tired, but don’t damage anything, will also be in the clear. Offenders won’t have to worry about going to court over receiving stolen property or underage drinking, and won't be held accountable for wanton or malicious destruction of property, either.Making threats will also be permitted, with the exception of those related to domestic violence."
When crime goes up, they're going to blame 'white supremacy'

Dallas DA reveals plan for 'ending mass incarceration' for petty crimes, slashing probation and bail - "Creuzot’s efforts in Dallas County to decriminalize poverty will include declining to prosecute theft of personal items worth less than $750 unless the theft was for financial gain."
Out with broken windows policing
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