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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Links - 14th May 2019 (2)

"Gluten Sensitivity" May Not Actually Be Caused By Gluten - "This study backs up some of that earlier research, pointing the finger at a sugar chain called fructans rather than gluten. Both are found in wheat, barley, rye, and more."

Your favorite restaurant is more calorific than fast food, global study finds - "Fast food often gets the blame for calorific meals, but new research has found that your favorite chain restaurants are dishing up meals with even more excessive calories, worsening the global obesity epidemic... Fast food, it concluded, contained on average 33% fewer calories than more formal restaurant meals... Potential steps to be taken include reducing portion sizes or even introducing proportional prices for restaurant meals, Roberts said. In other words, people would be required to pay for the portions they ordered rather than a one-size-fits-all approach"

Wearing glasses may really mean you're smarter, major study finds - "Their analysis found “significant genetic overlap between general cognitive function, reaction time, and many health variables including eyesight, hypertension, and longevity”. Specifically, people who were more intelligent were almost 30% more likely to have genes which might indicate they’d need to wear glasses. While being more intelligent may be linked to poor eyesight, it’s also connected with a lot of positive health benefits. Researchers found negative correlations between cognitive function and a number of health problems, including angina, lung cancer and depression... A number of studies have found people who wear glasses are perceived as smarter, more dependable, industrious and honest. Which is why a lot of defense lawyers get their clients to wear glasses at trial"

Yaqub Ahmed rape victim speaks about seeing her attacker saved from deportation - "The 27-year-old mother sitting beside me on a suburban park bench is trembling with a mixture of fear and rage. She can barely suppress her anger as she recalls the moment she watched a video of a refugee being escorted from an aircraft at Heathrow after a mutiny by passengers halted his deportation.As The Mail on Sunday revealed last year, that man was Yaqub Ahmed, a Somalian who a decade earlier had been convicted and jailed with three others for a sickening gang rape.Today his victim breaks her silence and, in an exclusive interview, condemns the holidaymakers who stepped in to defend him, ignorant of the horrifying attack that ripped her life apart. In the video, filmed by a passenger, Ahmed, 29, is seen screaming as a group of people on board bellow at officials to ‘take him off the plane!’... She thinks the passengers were seized by a ‘mob mentality’.‘It’s the bleeding heart brigade. They see someone in handcuffs and they are assuming it’s an injustice... Sarcastically clapping their actions, she adds: ‘Well, I hope you all feel proud of yourselves.’Hannah says she has decided to speak out in the hope that her attackers are finally booted out of the UK. Her pleas for information from the Home Office fell on deaf ears until The Mail on Sunday intervened and a Victim Support Team got in touch."

Man arrested after boy falls from balcony at Minnesota's Mall of America - "The suspect, Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, who is from the area, was charged with attempted homicide"

Occupy Hypocrisy - Posts - "IMAGINE if a white man tossed a 5 yr old Somali Muslim off the 3rd floor of the Mall of America and killed him, all hell would break loose at CNN and the mainstream but being it was vice a versa it's just 'something happened to some kid'"

Foreign minister: Withdrawal of Rome Statute due to risk of ‘coup d’etat’ triggered by ‘deep state’ - "The Cabinet’s reversal of its ratification of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) was a “political” move done for fear of a coup d’etat attempt spurred on by powers behind the scene, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah explained. The foreign minister pointed out history has shown that a coup d’etat is a common reaction to democratic advancement and the public rising up following an election, and it is usually instigated by the “deep state.”... Over 100 countries are party to the ICC, that probes genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression that are committed either in the territory of a state party or by a citizen of a state party."
Maybe the Malaysian deep state envisions harboring war criminals from certain areas

Why China's Social-Credit Systems Are Surprisingly Popular - "Depicted outside of China as a creepy digital panopticon, this network of so-called social-credit systems is seen within China as a means to generate something the country sorely lacks: trust. For that, perpetual surveillance and the loss of privacy are a small price to pay. As in many developing countries, the fact is that China’s economic growth has outpaced its ability to create and police institutions that promote trust between citizens and businesses. For example, a decade after Chinese milk producers were revealed to be adulterating infant formula, Chinese parents still shun the country’s dairy industry and distrust of food producers remains almost universal. Meanwhile, China remains the counterfeiting capital of the world."

Why Men Enjoy Lesbian Porn - "In a Marie Claire survey of mainly female respondents, lesbian porn was the second most popular option, after the heterosexual variety... lesbian porn does not rank as highly among male sexual interests as do, “breasts, butts, MILFs, amateurs,” and even women with penises... to the extent that lesbian erotica is popular, it can be explained by the fact that men are most aroused by visual cues that emphasize youth and downplay drama and emotional complexity. Lesbian porn, therefore, works for straight men by “doubling up” those visual stimuli, Ogas explained. The only thing better than one nubile, personality-free woman is two of them... “Sexual fantasy obeys its own set of rules that have nothing to do with propriety, common sense, or even the physical laws of the universe. Women, for instance, are often aroused by billionaires and celebrities who are extremely unlikely to reciprocate the sentiment.”"

The Screen - Posts - "We're only one trailer in and woke twitter has already decided that the Joker movie is the ultimate emblem of white male toxicity. Ugh."

Why the Federal Law Banning Female Genital Mutilation is Unconstitutional - "Article I of the Constitution does not give Congress any general power to suppress crime or child abuse. Therefore, the federal government tried to shoehorn the FGM ban into the Commerce Clause, which gives Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce. On first principles, it is pretty obvious that, at least in most cases, FGM is not a form of interstate commerce. It is generally performed within one state and often isn't even a commercial transaction. However, misguided Supreme Court decisions have interpreted the Commerce Clause so broadly that they now allow Congress to regulate virtually any form of "economic activity," even if it is only performed within a single state, and even some forms of "noneconomic" activity, so long as banning it is part of a broader "regulatory scheme" aimed at an interstate market"

Coffee not essential for life, Swiss government says - "The Swiss government wants to put an end to its emergency stockpile of coffee after declaring that it is "not essential" for human survival. Switzerland began storing emergency reserves of coffee between World War One and World War Two in preparation for potential shortages... The Swiss are big fans of coffee, consuming about 9kg (20lb) per person per year, according to the International Coffee Organization.This is almost triple that consumed in Britain, where 3.3kg per person per year is consumed."

Jordanian MP Who Praised Murder of Seven Israeli Schoolgirls Feted in UK Parliament - "Dima Tahboub, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Action Front party in Jordan, attended the Women MPs of the World Conference, which included the Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom and International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt."

Ants in Florida Collect the Skulls of Other Ants to Decorate Their Nests - "The Florida ant Formica archboldi has been the subject of study for more than 60 years. Their habitat is restricted to the Southeastern U.S., mainly found in Florida and parts of Alabama and Georgia.Upon its discovery, experts soon noticed its nests were full of the decapitated heads of trap-jaw ants"

ABC President out of a Job as 'The Conners' Tanks Without Roseanne - "Some may call it karma or even long-overdue justice. Regardless, the news may surprise and please fans and defenders of Roseanne Barr.Channing Dungey, who was the first African-American woman to head the entertainment division of a major broadcast network, is now the former president of ABC Entertainment following the announcement of her resignation last week.It was Dungey who decided to cancel “Roseanne” following the star’s controversial tweet in May about former Obama administration staffer Valerie Jarrett, who is also African American, that was labeled as racist."

Hearing this one thing was a lightbulb moment in terms of my opinion on feminism - “You can say all you want that women have a difficult time with that because it’s a male dominant patriarchy, any female lawyer who hits thirty and is a partner that has any sense at all knows that’s complete bloody rubbish. It’s market-determined right to the core. What happens to the women when they’re in their thirties? They all leave the high-end law firms. Why? Because who in their right mind would want to live like that?”
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