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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Links - 11th May 2019 (3) (Trans Mania)

Trans activists fail to block research suggesting gender dysphoria is 'contagious' - "An Ivy League academic has had research republished suggesting gender dysphoria is spreading among children in a victory over transgender activists who campaigned for the study to be pulled.In a triumph for free speech, Brown University acknowledged on its website the republication of the controversial peer-reviewed paper, which hypothesised that teenagers who came out as transgender were more likely to have friends who were transitioning and were influenced by YouTube videos and social media.The research concluded "social and peer contagion" was a plausible explanation for "cluster outbreaks" and a high number of cases where the majority of children in a friendship group became "transgender-identified"... The report’s author Dr Lisa Littman of Brown University’s School of Public Health told the Telegraph: "It is a reframing of the presentation to clarify this was an observational study of parental reports to avoid any misinterpretation of ROGD as a clinical diagnosis but the findings remain the same. I am delighted my work has withstood this extensive peer review process... In Dr Littman's study, 87 per cent of the parents reported that, along with the sudden or rapid onset of gender dysphoria, their child either had an increase in their social media/internet use, belonged to a friend group in which one or multiple friends became transgender-identified during a similar time frame, or both.In 37 per cent of cases described, parents said the 'majority' of their child's friendship groups were transgender identifying. Sixty three per cent reported at least one mental health or neuro-developmental disorder in their child. Forty one per cent said their children had expressed non-heterosexual orientations before identifying as trans"

'Trans'-forming Children: Indoctrinating for Transgenderism - "The latest ruse to lure children to accept this “lifestyle” as normal is the effort to place “drag queens” into classrooms and public libraries – offering a “story time” when males who wish to appear female read selected stories to children, engaging them in order to convince them they can change who they are. “Dressing up in costumes is fun,” they tell the children. A national organization has even been created to aid and promote the effort to condition our children: Drag Queen Story Hour, or DQSH."
Apparently the 'gay agenda' was a myth. But then the definition of 'tolerance' keeps getting broadened

Houston Public Library Allows Child Sex Offender To Read At ‘Drag Queen Storytime’ - "In a development that's raising even more alarms among concerned community members about the controversial "Drag Queen Storytime" programs that have become increasingly widespread in public libraries, the Houston Public Library was forced to admit last week that they allowed a registered child sex offender to participate in its drag queen reading program for children... Alberto Garza, 32, who goes by the drag name "Tatiana Mala Nina," was convicted in 2008 of assaulting an 8-year-old boy, yet he was allowed to read to children dressed in drag"

Second drag queen exposed as registered sex offender, library disputes participation - "It's not the first time that Drag Queen Story Time has caused controversy and public outcry. For the second time, one of the participants has been exposed as a registered sex offender.William Travis Dees was arrested as a juvenile for indecency with a child. He is a member of Space City Sisters, a drag queen organization that participates in Drag Queen Story Hour in the Houston Public Library system... "We knew it," said protester Tex Christopher. "Seek and you shall find. The problem with the city is, they're not seeking. This group is satanic, they call themselves Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.""
Given how few drag queens there are in the first place, this is suggestive

Law firm ordered to compensate transgender client after ‘using her birth name’ - "A law firm has been ordered to compensate a transgender client after it referred to her by her birth name.The law firm is understood to have misnamed the client “throughout a long letter” assessing the strength of a claim, according to a decision by the Legal Ombudsman. The finding came despite it acknowledging that “the firm had asked her how she wished to be addressed and there was nothing to show she had responded to this”."
Maybe the solution is not to serve transgender people
Comment: "Don’t you just love how the transfolk see actual physical violence against real women as a legitimate response to the perceived metaphorical violence of not being recognised as something that they “feel”. You couldn’t make this stuff up."

Grade 8 school book promotes trans ideology, rejects biology - "Grade 8 students in classrooms across Nova Scotia are being taught about transgender issues using a school book that is littered with unscientific propaganda...
'Many points discussed in the book are scientifically inaccurate; for example, the claim that there are more than two genders, and that there are no differences between women who were born women and transgender women.Educational materials should not be shaming children and calling them “transphobic” for believing otherwise. Many of these issues, including whether trans girls should be allowed to compete in girls-only sports competitions, are complex and have yet to reach a consensus, even among adults, like myself, who are in favour of transgender rights.'"
According to the book Transphobia: deal with it and become a gender transcender, if you think people should pay for their own sex change surgeries, you are transphobic

Allie Beth Stuckey on Twitter - "I’m ready for feminists to reach the level of woke that realizes that biological men who identify as women will beat us at everything and that therefore transgenderism is just a new age form of the “patriarchy”"

Transgender Woman Files Human Rights Complaints Against 16 Women For Refusing To Wax His Male Genitalia - "Sixteen Canadian women have had human rights complaints filed against them by a male-to-female transgender individual for alleged "gender identity" discrimination after they refused to wax his male genitalia... The female estheticians in question only serve women and do not offer so-called "Manzilians" — the male equivalent to a Brazilian wax. "The procedure for providing a man with a 'Manzilian' is quite different, using a different kind of wax and a different technique," noted the lawyer. Shelah Poyer, one of the women Carpay is defending against JY pro bono, is a single mother who works out of her home. According to the lawyer, JY said he was willing to withdraw his complaint against Poyer for $2,500. "If JY is demanding similar sums from the other 14 women, he stands to receive as much as $35,000 for dropping his human rights complaints"... The complaint against Poyer, however, was withdrawn without so much as a hearing after Carpay informed JY in September that he'd be challenging the complaint... "One of the women represented by the Justice Centre had approached, and had been turned down by 26 different lawyers and law firms. All of which cited lack of expertise in human rights proceedings, or fear of offending the transgender lobby, or both... the Tribunal has refused to inform the 14 other women that theJustice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms would be willing to represent them against the complaint free of charge"

When one person’s right is another’s obligation - A Brazilian in Canada - "The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, a non-profit libertarian group, offered to represent Ms Poyer. It argued that waxing male genitalia requires different training and equipment, which she does not possess, and said that, as a woman, she too has protected rights to privacy and safety. They sought to remove the anonymity order, granted to avoid “outing” JY as transgender. JY had mentioned using a women’s gym, and the lawyers presented evidence to the tribunal that JY had also talked about being a trans woman online—in posts asking for advice on how to approach a naked ten-year-old girl to ask for a tampon, and whether it is appropriate to show a young girl how to use it. JY denied writing the posts, said the account had been hacked, and withdrew the case. Over a dozen cases brought by JY against other women who offer Brazilian-waxing services continue.Canadian law is still unclear. Is a woman willing to perform intimate services involving nudity for women obliged to perform the same services for any male who claims to be a woman?"
2016: Bake the cake
2018: Wax her penis
And, we're told, the slippery slope is a lie

Trans activists hate these two powerful women - "[Meghan] Murphy has launched a lawsuit against Twitter, which permanently banned her because she “misgendered” a trans activist male-to-female provocateur, who has identified on social media as both male and female. The transwoman’s outlandish aggression against waxologists who refused to wax “her” genitals gained notoriety and intervention in a resulting Human Rights Tribunal case by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (on whose board I sit), which prompted the mischief-maker to withdraw his complaint... Many critics have pointed out that there is no consistency in Twitter’s standards for what is or is not offensive. The social-media giant’s extraordinary sensitivity to the demands of trans activists is at painful variance with, say, their indifference to, or dilatory response to actual hate speech. Twitter did not, for one instance of many, take any action against Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan for his use on Twitter of the word “termites” as applied to Jews. Murphy’s lawsuit alleges that Twitter “covertly made sweeping changes to its Hateful Conduct Policy sometime in late October 2018, banning, for the first time ‘misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals.’ This new policy banned expression of a political belief and perspective held by a majority (54 per cent, according to a 2017 Pew Research poll) of the American public... [Julia] Beck’s troubles began after university, she writes, when she was “ostracized from more social circles than my rapist (in a telephone interview, Beck confirmed that she is a rape survivor).” She raised hackles when she asked, “Why is a man named ‘Woman of the Year’?” (referring to Glamour Magazine’s award to Caitlin Jenner).She lost a good friend because she refused to call herself “cisgender” (as I do. I don’t announce myself as “hearing” or “average-heighted” either.) It was a great relief, she wrote, to meet other women asking the same questions at potluck dinners, including, “Why are all the lesbians transitioning?”... Pipitone expressed concern with Beck’s committee leadership, claiming lesbianism and transgenderism were “incongruent political forces.”He then accused Beck of crashing “our parades.” Having already admitted that lesbianism and transgenderism cannot co-exist in political harmony, he was affirming that Pride is now a vehicle for the Trans movement. It would seem that LGBT is the victim of a coup—and not a bloodless one either... How many medal-snatching male athletes on podiums will it take before female athletes reclaim their rightful competitive estate? (If transwomen claims that their male biology did not give them an advantage were valid, would we not also see transmen athletes in speed or strength-based sports on podiums?)... Beck told me that she sees the fussily feminine presentation of many transwomen as a gendered expression of “blackface,” which she explicitly calls “womanface.”... apart from vulnerable children, women are the principal victims in a zero sum cultural game: the pace and reach of trans rights is directly proportionate to the pace and reach of the erasure of women as a distinct sex with immutable characteristics."
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