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Friday, May 10, 2019

Links - 10th May 2019 (Trans Mania)

Transgender runners finish one-two in Connecticut high school champs - "Setting a girls' state indoor record, Miller finished the sprint in 6.95 seconds and Yearwood finished in 7.01 seconds. The third-place competitor, who is not transgender, finished in 7.23 seconds... Post-pubescent transgender girls must have completed sex-reassignment surgery and 'a sufficient amount of time must have passed' after the operation or hormone therapy 'to minimize gender-related competitive advantages. Transgender girls who are not taking hormone treatments related to gender transition may not compete in female competitions"
So much for not giving kids hormones'

Girls Are So Terrified of Trans Restrooms That They're Skipping School - "Girls are skipping school to avoid using unisex restrooms, for fear of being sexually harassed and “period shamed.”That’s according to accounts of Welsh parents that were recently collected by Lleisiau Merched Cymru-Women’s Voices Wales. The local women’s group asked families to report their experiences with Wales’ growing use of unisex restrooms, which is motivated by a desire to combat bullying of transgender and other gender non-conforming students... the issue is not limited to girls. A parent of one middle-school boy said that he finds the unisex toilets uncomfortable and “tries to never use them.”"

'Radical Feminist' Lesbian Warns Conservatives Not to Believe Trans Women: They’re All Men - ""This is a men’s rights movement — this is really a men’s rights movement"... Also on the panel was Julia Beck, a lesbian and long-time LGBTQ activist. Beck was involved with Baltimore’s LGBTQ Commission last year, pursuing an “unapologetically” pro-women agenda. That put her on a collision course with transgender activists, who eventually had her pushed her off the commission.“I got kicked off the Baltimore mayor’s LGBTQ commission — as the only lesbian — simply for stating biological facts. I was found guilty of ‘violence.’ My crime? Using male pronouns to talk about a convicted male rapist who identifies as transgender and prefers female pronouns”... Beck was alluding to the case of Karen White, a British transgender woman who, after being jailed in a women’s prison, went on to sexually assault other female inmates.“Oh no, it is far more criminal for me to call a male rapist ‘he’ than it is for him to rape”... “Everything is about the ‘T’ now, entirely eclipsing the ‘L,’ ‘G,’ and ‘B,'” she said. “The ‘T’ is diametrically opposed to the first three letters in the acronym, and especially to the ‘L.'”"

Anger over women’s business honour for cross-dressing banker | News | The Times - "A male Credit Suisse director who sometimes goes to work in a wig and dress has prompted outrage by accepting a place on a list of the Top 100 Women in Business.Philip Bunce, who is married with two grow-up children, typically spends half his time as Philip and half as his female alter ego, Pippa. He says he is “gender fluid” and “non-binary.”... The hourly median pay of Credit Suisse’s female employees was 28.9 per cent less than that of male staff in the year to April 2017. Its gender pay gap is wider when it comes to bonuses, with men paid 56 per cent more than women. Neither Mr Bunce nor the bank would reveal the rate he was paid while working as Pippa... Kristina Harrison, an LGBT activist who was born male but transitioned 20 years said ago, she would never accept a place on an all-women shortlist as it was “insulting” to women who faced different challenges. “Being a woman is not a costume you can put on, on some days and not on others. The idea that you can become a woman by donning a wig and a dress is deeply sexist.”"

Europe's first trans women's jail to open in South London - "A unit housing only trans inmates will open this week at Downview prison near Sutton, south London, in a building that had previously been named after Josephine Butler, a Victorian feminist... A number of prison doctors and governors claim some sex criminals transition to get access to women. However, the new trans wing will be located in a separate building within the prison perimeter, with an inner fence dividing it from the rest of the jail... While a few American big-city jails have transgender wings, it is believed that Downview’s could be the first in Europe."
So trans women aren't women?

Britain's first transgender hate crime trial is halted after one day - "Britain's first transgender hate crime prosecution has been halted by a judge who declared: ‘There is no case and never was a case.’Miranda Yardley, 51, was put ‘through ten months of hell’ after being accused of harassing a transgender activist on Twitter.But District Judge John Woollard dismissed the case after a one-day hearing, saying there was simply no evidence... Barrister Amanda Jones, who has represented clients accused of ‘anti trans’ comments, said: ‘The police and the CPS routinely ignore rape threats, death threats and abusive material targeted at women online.The entire criminal justice system is falling apart from underfunding and this case appears to have been a complete waste of public funds.’"

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Criticized for Boasting About 'Misgendering' Ban - "Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was criticized this week after he boasted about Twitter’s “misgendering” ban while simultaneously claiming that users are not suspended for their political views... The Defend Assange Campaign, an account “run by the legal campaign to free Julian Assange,” replied, “It’s much worse than that. It engages in serious global cultural imperialism, demanding that distant and delicately balanced cultures follow its provincial cultural standards — without regard as to the effect.” They added that “there’s not even consensus in the U.S. about the cultural norms of ‘misgendering’ those who claim to be transgendered. To expect Pakistani’s or Poles, or in fact anyone in 192 other countries, to follow the latest SF provincial fad in speech censorship codes is imperious.”"

Twitch: Female gamer banned for saying there are only 2 genders - "A popular online gamer who regularly broadcasts on streaming platform Twitch claims she has been permanently banned from the platform for stating her “beliefs” that “there are only two genders”.HelenaLive says her partnership with the video game streaming platform — owned by Amazon — was terminated and her account shut down after her comments were deemed “offensive toward the transgender community”... “I specifically said, it’s okay if a man wants to be a woman, and a woman wants to be a man, you cannot be anything in between,” she said in a YouTube video explaining the ban."

Regret Isn’t Rare: The Dangerous Lie of Sex Change Surgery’s Success - "Twelve years ago, The Guardian reported that a review of more than 100 international medical studies of post-operative transgender patients by the University of Birmingham Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility found “no robust scientific evidence that gender reassignment surgery is clinically effective . . . Research from the US and Holland suggests that up to a fifth of patients regret changing sex.”Shortly after undergoing sex change surgery, most people report feeling better. Over time, however, the initial euphoria wears off. The distress returns, but this time it is exacerbated by having a body that is irrevocably molded to look like the opposite gender... When this man’s childhood trauma was treated appropriately, his transgender feelings waned. But sadly, he lost ten years of his life and the ability to father biological children... Dr. Charles Ihlenfeld. In 1979, Dr. Ihlenfeld warned his colleagues about unsuccessful outcomes. Based on six years of experience treating over 500 people with cross-gender hormones, Dr. Ihlenfeld sounded a warning on gender transition. He found that there was simply too much unhappiness among patients after changing genders, and that too many people who had sex change surgery later took their own lives. In his medical opinion, 80 percent of those who want a sex change should not do it. And for the remaining 20 percent, he found that that the sex change would only provide a temporary reprieve, not a lifelong solution... People with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria are encouraged to undergo sex transition as treatment. But according to studies, over half of this population is likely to have one or more coexisting psychiatric disorders, such as depression, phobias, and adjustment disorders, which influence the outcomes, as we saw in the letter earlier. The coexisting psychiatric disorders should be treated first before undergoing irreversible, life-changing sex change surgeries... Individuals with gender dysphoria are discouraged from seeking treatment for their depression, phobias, and adjustment disorders. Instead, it is assumed that their psychiatric difficulties are due to their “not being true to themselves,” and they are fast-tracked to transition... I will readily admit that I have skin in the game on this topic"
Skin in the game, which Taleb loves so much, is basically conflict of interest

Can biological males be lesbians? - "Though precise statistics are unavailable, many transwomen are exclusively female-attracted. Prior to transition, they’re what we would ordinarily call heterosexual, or straight: males stably attracted to the opposite biological sex. When transition occurs, this pattern of attraction usually persists. But, for some, it’s unacceptable to now think of themselves as straight - for this carries with it a lingering connotation of manhood, now rejected. Hence some transwomen self-identify as lesbians. They do so even where their transition is only social, and not medical - which is most of the time. The rest of us are now urged to accept the phenomenon of a ‘lesbian with a penis’, or even a ‘girldick’... if males with penises can be lesbians, then what counts as consent? A transwoman with a penis who failed to disclose her status as such to a new lesbian sexual partner might normally be thought of as raping her, since informed consent was in effect absent. Yet if transwomen are to be thought of as lesbians too, the case for rape by deception is much harder to make"

Homophobia and the Modern Trans Movement - "All my life, I have fought for gender equality, and gender instability—for the right of boys to act like girls and girls to act like boys. And until very recently, I fought to achieve these goals in solidarity with the trans movement. But now I’m beginning to wonder if the trans movement has any use for me—or for any gay man or woman who dissents from that movement’s increasingly radicalized demands of society and of children’s bodies... The political movements around sexuality and gender that rocked the 1960s—including sexual liberation and gay liberation—were primarily understood as being aimed at adults, in part because sexuality was central to these causes. In their focus on children, by contrast, Trans activists emphasize the conceit that gender has nothing to do with sex or sexuality, and so talking about one’s trans identity is perfectly innocent... It is interesting that in some countries—some of the most sexually conservative places on earth, as it happens—it is illegal to be gay or lesbian, but perfectly legal to be trans... I have issues with my mother. Don’t we all? I have called her names—to her face and in print. I will not repeat them here. But I want to publicly forgive her, now, for whatever I have accused her of, because she had the kindness and grace to respect my budding sexuality as I then perceived it. And she had enough respect for me to say, “You’re just too young” when I wondered what lay in store for my future. If only we all had the courage to say these same words to our own children."

Christian parents lose custody of daughter after refusing to support her ‘transition’ to male - "Ohio government authorities forced parents to give up legal custody of their daughter after the mother and father said they opposed the girl’s decision to identify as a ‘boy’ and transition to being 'male.'... Brinkman reasoned that the girl’s medically-affirmed depression, anxiety, and dysphoria indicate that she is in no position to make decisions which would result in permanent physiological changes"

Inside The Online Community Facilitating The Gender Transitions Of 5-Year-Olds - "4thWaveNow was started by a mom, who describes herself as “left-leaning,” after her teenage daughter “suddenly announced she was a ‘trans man’ after a few weeks of total immersion in YouTube transition vlogs and other trans-oriented social media.”"

Dog scared of men - and my trans wife : asktransgender - "My wife and I have had our dog for 4 years. For 2.5 of those years, my wife still identified as male. Our dog has always been a little bit scared of men, and strongly preferred affection from women. My wife has been on HRT for 5 months now. This morning she was very depressed and crying. She said she was upset over several things, but one of the things she mentioned was the dog being afraid of her. We know the dog is afraid of men, so the dog being scared of my wife is invalidating.
We adore our dog and rehoming her is not an option we will consider. What makes a dog identify my wife as "male"? Is it a scent thing? Will that change as her hormones stabilize? Has anyone else gone through this? How did you make it better? Thank you for your advice in advance."
Dogs are transphobic!

As trans athletes win state titles, parents petition to ban them - "The people now pushing to ban trans athletes from participating as their gender in high school sports are literally risking the lives of trans youth. 80% of trans people have thought about taking their own lives, and 40% of them have actually tried. That’s a risk I am not willing to take... If running some races and winning a couple ribbons keeps trans youth alive, I’m all in."
Blackmail by another name

Canada’s oldest rape crisis centre stripped of city funding for refusing to accept trans women - "Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, Canada’s oldest rape crisis centre, has been stripped of city funding after refusing to rescind its policy of only serving female-born women.In a statement, the organization said they were the victim of “discrimination against women in the name of inclusion” and accused Vancouver City Council of trying to “coerce us to change our position.”... Vancouver Rape Relief has said that while they believe trans women need support and protection from violence, their “lived experience” is fundamentally different from a female-born woman.“We do not have the experience to offer services to people without the same life experience … this is not our work,” Vancouver Rape Relief representative Hilla Kerner told a City a Vancouver committee last week.In denying service to trans women, Kerner said their group was no different than other city-supported organizations who reserve their services towards a particular demographic group, be it immigrants, Chinese-speakers or native youth.“Because we are an oppressed group who fights for equality we have a right to decide who are membership is and who we serve,” she said. Men are strictly banned from spaces operated by Vancouver Rape Relief, and the organization has previously argued that their clients, all of whom are recovering from male violence, do not feel comfortable while in the presence of someone who used to live as a man. “Even deep voices, male insignia like baseball caps and boots can make women nervous”... In 2017, the agency even spoke against a federal measure to recognize “gender expression” and “gender identity” as protected human rights, saying it could be used to “undermine the rights of women.”"
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