"Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and the Sultan of Johor are seen in a blue Proton Saga... "When asked whether there is any tension with the sultan, Dr Mahathir said: “No, I don’t see anything because I went to see him and he drove me to the airport. I don’t want to comment on the sultans because if I say anything that is not good then it’s not nice because he is the sultan”"

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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Links - 2nd January 2019 (1)

How to Record System Audio on Any Platform - "To record the audio with or without Stereo Mix, you can use the free audio program Audacity. Install it, then open the program. Look for the microphone icon above the playback area. Change the drop-down box to Stereo Mix if your computer has it. If you don’t, change the box to the left of the microphone (which probably says MME) to Windows WASAPI. This is an Audacity feature that performs the same function as Stereo Mix, but has the added advantage of clearer quality since the capture is all digital."

Berkeley Christian Student Senator Pressured To Resign For Abstaining From Vote For Religious Beliefs - "A Christian student senator at the University of California, Berkeley, is being ousted from her position after abstaining from a resolution that condemns the Trump administration for considering narrowing the definition of gender... “The contradictions present in her speech are, frankly, disturbing and irreconcilable. Perhaps what most offends me, though, is Senator Chow’s outrageous ask that we, as a Senate class, respect her “beliefs” as she does ours. To that end, I’d like to clarify that what Senator Chow expressed tonight were not beliefs at all — they were hateful prejudices that deserve nothing less than the strongest condemnation from myself, my community, and my colleagues. I have no obligation to entertain or engage with individuals who deny my right to exist loudly and proudly as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.” Chow attempted to defend herself by sending an op-ed to the school’s newspaper, the Daily Cal, but was rejected because it “reinforces” her original statement which they deemed “utilized rhetoric that is homophobic and transphobic by the Daily Cal’s standards,” Campus Reform reports. She also attempted to edit her piece to comply with the standards of the Daily Cal but was still rejected because “the submission as a whole doesn’t meet the newspaper’s editorial standards.” The paper referred to its submission page on its website that claims, “Op-eds that are deemed libelous, racist, sexist, homophobic, or highly offensive in any other manner will not print.”"
Somehow, having a different point of view is hateful and denies others' right to exist
Presumably there're no other Christians at Berkeley, so she's representing no one

Occupy Democrats Logic - Posts - ""Kavanaugh wept like a baby because someone hurt his feelings. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg broke three ribs and was back at work the next day"
Really puts things in perspective."
"Feminists: "We should teach men it's ok to cry."
Also Feminists: "Look at this man crying like a baby."
Also if a feminist were condemned for crying because someone hurt her feelings...

From To Kill A Mockingbird to Ballet Shoes: A Plea to Save Children’s Literature - "“To Kill a Mockingbird may only be taught in Peel secondary schools, beginning this school year, if instruction occurs through a critical, anti-oppression lens,” declared the School Board in a recent memo. “When To Kill a Mockingbird is taught outside of this context, the novel has the potential to cause hurt and harm. As educators, we have an obligation to provide learning environments that are safe and inclusive—that honour staff and students’ identities, cultures and lived experiences, including those of the Black community. Of this, there can be no debate.”... the language used by the School Board—especially the jargonny reference to “a critical, anti-oppression lens” and the stark denunciation of “debate”—really does betray how little concern many educators have for the viewpoints of ordinary students and parents, most of whom would prefer that children read and appreciate a gripping and iconic morality tale than be subjected to turgid lectures cribbed from critical-race-studies texts. The episode is symptomatic of a phenomenon I have observed as a schoolteacher elsewhere in Canada and beyond: The children’s literary canon is sinking into the muck of identity politics, with grievance-studies devotees seeking to either “de-platform” older books, or teach them through the single-issue lens of grievances studies... the ideal teacher is held up as the constantly on-message teacher-activist who has memorized a list of fashionable terms and aphorisms, and who labors tirelessly to proselytize colleagues in regard to these approved mantras... “What next, The Merchant of Venice because Shylock is a Jewish moneylender without remorse. Maybe they’ll decide Shakespeare isn’t appropriate for this age. Is this the first shot across the bow to see how much pushback they get?’’ Alas, this proved prophetic"
So much for only Christians wanting to corrupt the youth by infiltrating the school system and imposing their views on others
Liberals cheering while other liberals censor literature - so much for this being a fascist phenomenon

‘Influencer’ collective SgInstaBabes launch questionable Patreon campaign for exclusive access to them - "Have you ever wanted to pledge a monthly allowance to self-proclaimed social media icons so that they can sustain a materialistic lifestyle via basic, vapid content? And depending on the amount of cash you disburse every month, you could even have them as companions in parties? Yeah, neither do we. But that’s not stopping social media “influencer” collective SgInstaBabes from launching a Patreon page to garner donations every month. Donors will get access to exclusive photo albums and videos, as well as the honor of spectating their shoots and hang out with them (if you pay enough)."

Sculpture and Designed Things Part III: ‘Art is Useless’ – Marin R. Sullivan - "from “It’s Hard to Find a Good Lamp”:
“The configuration and the scale of art cannot be transposed into furniture and architecture. The intent of art is different from that of the latter, which much be functional.”

#ThisIsNotConsent: Fury after teen's thong used as evidence to clear man of rape - "The 17-year-old girl's "thong with a lace front" was presented as part of the defence's closing address.In her closing address to the jury, Elizabeth O’Connell SC told jurors they should consider the underwear the girl wore on the night of the alleged rape"
Amusingly, the defence lawyer who used this defence is female

We let Lenin rise, millions died. Now it’s Islamism | Comment | The Sunday Times - "The Bolsheviks could certainly have been stopped. After all, the only reason Lenin was able to get from Zurich to Petrograd in 1917 was that the imperial German government paid for his ticket — and more. An estimated $12m was channelled from the Kaiser’s coffers to Lenin and his associates. Adjusted for inflation, that’s equivalent to about $250m (£190m) today.The provisional government thus had every right to arrest Lenin and his band of associates on arrival. They were German agents. And Alexander Kerensky, the Socialist Revolutionary who took control of the provisional government in July 1917, had even better grounds to round up the Bolsheviks: by then, they had attempted a coup and failed.The problem was that people underestimated Lenin & Co. They seemed an unruly bunch of intellectuals: writers of pamphlets, makers of speeches. No contemporary western observer thought for a moment that their crackpot coup would last... Foreign intervention, incompetent liberals, clueless bankers: that makes three reasons the Bolsheviks weren’t stopped. Let me not forget the fellow travellers. John Reed, with his risible glamorising of the revolution, would have many, many heirs. George Bernard Shaw’s callous commentary on the show trials of the 1930s perfectly encapsulated this intellectual deformation.Not many went as far as the Cambridge spies, who shamefully betrayed their own country to Stalin. But how many intellectuals between 1917 and 1989 turned a blind eye to communism’s crimes? Because Hitler’s crimes were in some way worse. Because the industrialisation of Russia could be achieved in no other way. Because one had to crack an egg to make an omelette — and all the other cant.Another, less obvious, reason that the communist virus continued to spread for so long was that good men underestimated the Soviet threat and were assailed by doubts about how much should be done to resist it... Time and again during the Cold War, eminent Americans — especially the products of Ivy League colleges — succumbed to relativism. Perhaps this contest between the superpowers was really the fault of the United States? Perhaps the US should simply withdraw its forces from the contested grey zones — from southeast Asia, from Central and South America, from sub-Saharan Africa?And yet behold what happened when the US did that. It is now more or less orthodoxy that the Vietnam War was a great disaster. I am of the unfashionable view that the real disaster was to abandon the people of South Vietnam to their cruel and entirely predictable fate at the hands of the communist North... It is not just the revival of “Antifa” by young Americans presumably unaware of the co-operation between the German communists — the original Antifa — and the Nazis that helped seal the fate of the Weimar Republic... A century ago it was the West’s great blunder to think it would not matter if Lenin and his confederates took over the Russian Empire, despite their stated intention to plot world revolution and overthrow both democracy and capitalism. Incredible as it may seem, I believe we are capable of repeating that catastrophic error. I fear that, one day, we shall wake with a start to discover that the Islamists have repeated the Bolshevik achievement, which was to acquire the resources and capability to threaten our existence."

Shannon Lim - "#KFC Your manager at Waterway Point mistook my chicken for a dog and said not to bring it in because the “Muslims would be offended”.
Please tell me she hasn’t been mixing the two animals up the entire time. Is that why the thighs have been getting so big lately?! Is this #KFD?!
That she’s a Chinese lady would just be the nail in The Coffin
PS: I tried explaining twice that it was not a dog, but she didn’t seem to understand. After about 1 minute I complied and left the bird outside in his carrier... Where the nice Malay family and I got to watch a group of Chinese, Malay and Indian kids try to steal the chicken and/or take selfies with it 🤷‍♂️. #Racialharmony"

StandWithUs - "Next time someone doesn’t believe Linda Sarsour is an extremist? Linda’s response to 400+ rockets being fired at CIVILIANS, killing 1 and injuring dozens, is to portray high level Palestinian terrorists from Hamas as innocent victims.
🏼 Hey Linda! Defending war crimes targeting Israeli civilians isn’t woke‼️"

Durham University fires academic who said Sadiq Khan wants London to be a 'Mecca for Muslims' - Chronicle Live - "Dr Stephen Pax Leonard had been an honorary research fellow with St Chad's college since October 2017 but has now been stripped of his position after posting offensive comments online. Several student publications reported that Dr Leonard had said that "tens of millions of Muslims support Isis" prompting accusations of Islamophobia."
So much for academic freedom

If You Remember Stan Lee For Anything, Let It Be This Quote - "one of his most important quotes came from his regular column, "Stan's Soapbox," which appeared in Marvel Comics issues. This particular one was from 1968, and spoke out against racism and bigotry"

SJWs Wasted No Time Shredding Deceased Comic Book Legend Stan Lee - "Lee's death became an excuse for the Left to excoriate the late comic book magnate for his perceived "sexism," "racism," and general lack of social-justice-y-ness... "woke Twitter" pounced almost immediately, to remind, well, mostly each other, that, in life, Lee had been unwilling to bow to their endless demands."
You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a bigot
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