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Monday, December 31, 2018

Keeping Arabs Ignorant

Faisal Saeed Al Mutar (from Ideas Beyond Borders, which translates material into Arabic):

"Every week I get tons of emails and comments from Arab youth thanking us for translating enlightenment books into Arabic because they were not available before or banned due to censorship laws.

Guess who is mostly objecting? Entitled 1st generation and second generation kids who live and were BORN in the WEST with the privilege of accessing all the books and knowledge they want at the same time they don't want the same for people living in the middle east?

I DESPISE this hypocrisy.

It is if like they want Arabs in the middle east to continue to be oppressed and ignorant so they can play the identity politics here in the west that they are from "an oppressed minority"

The idiot (dad from Iraq) who sent me a hatemail is from Greenwich, CT (very expensive area) and her dad is a millionaire and she goes to an expensive university here in New York but somehow thinks translating the works of STEVEN PINKER is an act of oppression and "white domination".

There is something weird happens to Arab immigrants when they come to America, the immigrants come full of passion, energy, and optimism then their kids end up messed up in one way or the other. #NotAll

Maybe there is something in the water here."
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