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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Observations - 16th June 2018

"There has now been created a world in which the success of others is a grievance, rather than an example." - Thomas Sowell


"I've done a gal with [no boobs] before. Take it from me only do it if she is very pretty
Otherwise you will feel a bit strange when you feel nothing at all in front
You will also feel a bit pedo and a bit gay"

If soy really gave you boobs East Asian women would be stacked rather than being the smallest in the world

"the flatter the girl, the closer you can be to their heart"

"If your class is full of pretty girls, you're studying a useless course."

"I can't afford a sex doll, so I just get my wife to lie in a bathtub full of ice water for about 15 minutes before coming to bed. She then lies perfectly still, staring off into the distance while I pretend she's a lifeless, pasty rubber sex-golem."

Maybe people are dogmatic and judgmental about diet because unlike religion, talking about your diet is not frowned upon in polite company, so they feel like they can channel their impulses that way

"I can assure you if I order the same food, it will be much cheaper. It's happened many times. I get my nasi padang and my wife likes the look of it and she orders the same thing and she pays more than I... I'm tanned and I speak Malay like a native... The same thing happens also with others. I once had lunch with a group from the place I worked. The women complained about the price of the nasi padang. One woman had exactly the same food as me. But mine was cheaper. She was furious. Haha."
"The Nasi pandang machek who speaks to me in Malay English charged me about $1.5 less cos I am tanned n look Malay."

If, according to the prevailing theory of sexual offence motivation, sex is not the motive but power, then gay men cannot use their sexuality as a defence against accusations of sexual assault

"If breasts aren't sexual then we should change cultural greetings like shaking someone's hand to "breast grabs". If a man grabs your breast it should be no different than if he patted you on the back and said "Nice work on that Anderson account, Tammy". ...(HONK!), (HONK!) No more sexual assault charges. No more "Inappropriate touching" or sexual harassment complaints."

"We need to MANsplain because many of you MISSunderstood the facts"

Is it sexist to advise women to wear "culturally appropriate clothes" when travelling?

If a man refuses to sleep with black women, is he racist?
If a lesbian refuses to sleep with men, is she sexist?

At what point does the validity of appeals to history expire? Is it okay for the Hans to hate on Manchus today because the Qing oppressed them for 4 centuries?

"'Trump is Hitler!' I've heard that so many times that if he turns out to be anything less than Hitler, I'm going to be like, 'He did a pretty good job.'" - Dave Smith

"I am starting to understand why I find Asian Americans Insufferable
It probably has something to do with how they have abandoned their original cultures and have been lucky enough to be adopted by another that has allowed them to be successful, but at the same Time they have a victimhood complex despite having easier lives than Asian Asians and are biting the hand that feeds them"

"I have lectured in Belarus and taught in Serbia during the Milosevic regime and I said what I damned well pleased. I have to say though that the only places I really felt I had to watch my mouth were Saudi Arabia - and American universities." - Stephen W. Browne, who was also elected Honorary Member of the Yugoslav Movement for the Protection of Human Rights in 1997 (Source)

"My 'punch a nazi in the face' friends have suddenly disappeared now that it's a Palestinian waving the swastika."
"The IDF took down more neo-nazis in one day than Antifa has in the past half century."

[On land redistribution in South Africa] "Zulu's aren't native to that region either. They migrated to SA from further north. Waring with every tribe on their way. People assume just because they black they're native to SA."
"Most of the African slave trade was and is still Africans trading other Africans to each other."
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