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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Links - 26th June 2018 (1)

In Tokyo, You Can Fight Like A Samurai At The Airport

15 Unwritten Rules Of Being A Singaporean That Schools Will Never Teach You - "if you’re going to act ang mo, at least act as the correct ang mo. I’m not sure what it is but people who go overseas to study in Australia always seem to come back with an American accent."

Girl Is Shamed For Achievement Because Of 'White Privilege', Ends Up Giving Reality Check - "One girl got into her dream school and decided to post her success on social media. She posted, “Thank you, everyone, for all your support!! I’m so happy to say after years of hard work I have been accepted into Yale Med School!!”... one friend commented, “Good job, might I add a shout out to your white privilege for you”... MedSchool Girl decided to get REAL with her friend Melissa. She began her post saying, “Melissa, I grew up in a foster home. Both my parents were alcoholics and gave me up when I was 5…”... The girl ended her post, saying “…I understand the concept of privilege but it sounds more like you are trying to condescend me rather than be helpful”. Melissa responded with “umm. Ok sweetie, you claim to understand privilege, but you can’t even self crit. Bye bye”"

Will a New Law Forever Change the German Language? - "“People who complain about the feminization of language and not about the masculinization of language, which is apparently the case now, have a hidden agenda — one that supports the patriarchy and has misogynistic implications,” says Andreas Krass, professor of German literature at Humboldt University Berlin."
Comments: "I am certainly glad that I subscribe to Smithsonian, I live in Germany and have not heard anything about this AMERICAN insanity"
"German has three genders, like many European languages. This article is utterly wrong."

Law Professor Absolutely Destroys Student Letter Protesting Her Wearing a 'Black Lives Matter' T-Shirt - "
Whittier Law School - Wikipedia - "Whittier Law School is a law school in Costa Mesa, California founded in 1966. The law school is part of Whittier College, a private institution. After several years of being ranked among the poorest performing law schools in the country based on bar passage rate and job placement, on April 15, 2017, Whittier Law School announced it would no longer be admitting students and would discontinue its legal program. The closure of Whittier Law School will make it the first law school with full accreditation by the American Bar Association (ABA) to shut down in at least 30 years"
Another example of how SJWing destroys education

Trump may make it easier to wipe out student debt in bankruptcy - ""it's almost impossible to discharge student loans in bankruptcy"... The national student loan default rate is now over 11 percent"
Of course, liberals aren't going to credit Trump for this

Amandla Stenberg Walked Away From "Black Panther" Because Of Light Skin Complexion
Was Obama black enough?

Antifa Threatening Norwegian Heavy Metal - "Of course, the goal of Antifa and its violent supporters is not to protect Jewish individuals — like myself — from the rise of neo-Nazis Rather, the goal of Antifa is to dictate what can and cannot be allowed in American music clubs"

On the dangers of read-only activism – Heather Heying - "the protesters who walked out, breaking the audio equipment as they left, weren’t around to listen. Outside, unbeknownst to those of us on the panel, the individuals who left said things like, “even the women in there have been brainwashed!” and “Nazis are not welcome in civil society.” When banal observations like “men and women are different heights” prompts the accusation that I’m both brainwashed and a Nazi, it’s clear that this was not good faith protest. It is true that the authoritarian-left is denying biology, but the deeper truth of the situation is perhaps even more concerning. The incoherence of the protesters’ responses and the fact that the walkout was scheduled in advance suggests something darker: the protesters are “read-only,” like a computer file that cannot be altered. They will not engage ideas — they will not even hear ideas — because their minds are already made up. They have been led to believe that exposure to information is in and of itself dangerous. Scientists, philosophers, and scholars of all sorts have effectively been accused of thoughtcrimes before it is even known what we’re going to say. The very concept of thoughtcrime, as Orwell himself well understood, is the death knell to discourse, to discovery, to democracy... at the very least, Google is hiring software engineers at the same sex ratio at which they are being produced by the universities — hardly evidence of rampant discrimination against women at Google. In fact, it’s the ratio we would expect if applicant quality was independent of sex, and Google’s hiring process was sex-blind."

Bristol University students seek to ban 'Terf' speakers who question transgender status of women - "A committee will be set up in order to vet proposed speakers or organisations, in order to see whether they have expressed Terf views in the past. One student, who attended the meeting where the motion was passed, said that "Terfs" are not a "hate group", adding: "They just have opinions that may be different to the opinions of students. It is a difference of opinion, not a matter of bigotry or head. There is no justification for banning a view just because you don’t like it.”... The university’s feminist society said that opinions expressed at the meeting “amount to hate speech” and the promotion of such views “endangers trans women”. “Allowing events that put trans students’ safety at risk is in direct violation of the aims outlined in the Code of Conduct”"
Maybe when it was them doing the censoring, the Christians should have said that they were made unsafe

Hundreds of people gather to say ‘wow’ like Owen Wilson - "The “Say Wow like Owen Wilson” event was held at Federation Square in Melbourne. It was organized by Nicolas Zoumboulis, who told The Independent that “ultimately I just really want to put some ‘positive energy,’ as Owen likes to say, out into the world.”... Now, the same event will be happening all over the world."

Texas students launch 'No Whites Allowed' magazine - "“Support from white people and heterosexual people is appreciated but is not necessary for the success of this event,” she continued, stating in a second comment that “inclusion is not inherently good, and exclusion is not inherently bad.” An individual named Thor Menslage questioned whether the event would constitute “racism” by excluding “whites,” but he was rebuffed by defenders of the event who stated that “there have literally been whites-only establishments that were government sanctioned and approved.” “So you're saying that because segregation happened, it's fine to be racist against Whites?” Menslage countered, to which another student, Katie Gee scoffed that “equality is just more cishet [cisgender heterosexual] white supremacist patriarchy trying to write the narrative.”"

Tommy Robinson Suspended from Twitter for Stating Statistical Fact About Muslims in Grooming Gangs - "The controversial activist Tommy Robinson has been suspended from Twitter for quoting research which found that nearly 90 per cent of convicted grooming gang members in the UK are Muslim. Mr. Robinson was suspended from the social media platform for 7 days for stating the findings of the Quilliam Foundation think tank, whose founder worked as an adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron on issues around Islam."
More hate facts

Reading men's faces: women's mate attractiveness judgments track men's testosterone and interest in infants - "men's scores on the interest in infants test significantly predicted women's ratings of the photos for how much the men like children, and men's testosterone concentrations significantly predicted women's ratings of the men's faces for masculinity. Furthermore, men's actual and perceived affinity for children predicted women's long-term mate attractiveness judgments, while men's testosterone and perceived masculinity predicted women's short-term mate attractiveness judgments. These results suggest that women can detect facial cues of men's hormone concentrations and affinity for children, and that women use perception of these cues to form mate attractiveness judgments."
More vindication for the "pseudoscience" of evolutionary psychology

Men with more masculine digit ratios are partnered with more attractive women - "We compared waist-to-hip ratio and breast size of 50 women from two groups, depending on the 2D:4D (more masculine, more feminine) of their actual partner. Moreover, we examined the relationship between men's digit ratio and their mate's body type. Men with more masculine 2D:4D were coupled with women with significantly lower waist-to-hip ratios. They were also four times more often partnered with women who had both relatively narrow waists and large breasts. These findings suggest that levels of sex steroids during fetal development in males may have long-lasting influences on their mating value"

Relative digit lengths predict men's behavior and attractiveness during social interactions with women. - "male 2D:4D was significantly negatively correlated with women's ratings of men's physical attractiveness and levels of courtship-like behavior during a brief conversation"
In other words, women like masculine men

Attractive women are more than just a pretty face - "women's facial appearance is linked to their well-being because oestrogen impacts on women's reproductive health and fertility... Exposure to early testosterone, as indicated by finger length patterns, causes male and female faces to look rugged with wide jaws and strong cheekbones whereas exposure to high oestrogen levels makes them appear less robust"
More evidence for the "feminist women are ugly" hypothesis

Hormone levels predict attractiveness of women - "when women wore make-up the correlation between perceived attraction and oestrogen levels was completely masked, because make-up improved appearance"

Prenatal hormones and adult face shape - "Higher cord testosterone levels were associated with masculinized facial features when males and females were analysed together (n = 183; r = −0.59), as well as when males (n = 86; r = −0.55) and females (n = 97; r = −0.48) were examined separately (p-values < 0.001). The relationships remained significant and substantial after adjusting for potentially confounding variables" Individual differences in women's facial preferences as a function of digit ratio and mental rotation ability - "The second-to-fourth digit ratio (2D:4D) and mental rotation (MR) ability are sexually dimorphic traits that appear early in development and have been correlated with exposure to prenatal androgens (Grimshaw, Sitarenios, & Finegan, 1995; Lutchmaya, Baron-Cohen, Raggatt, Knickmeyer, & Manning, 2004). The current study examined how 2D:4D and MR differences among women of European descent (N=41) were related to their (a) preferences for male faces: attractive (ATM), short-term (STM), and long-term mate (LTM), and (b) psychological femininity and masculinity, as measured by the Bem Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI) (Bem, 1981). To examine potential changes in facial preferences over their menstrual cycle, participants' preferences were measured during two experimental sessions separated by 2 weeks. The results indicated that (a) femininity scores decreased with decreasing 2D:4D, (b) masculinity scores increased with faster MR, (c) women preferred a more masculine male face for an STM than for an LTM, and (d) preference changes over the menstrual cycle varied systematically with 2D:4D. When compared with women with high 2D:4D ratios, low 2D:4D women (e) preferred a more masculine LTM, (f) recalled less parental bonding, (g) had shorter intimate relationships, and (h) reported more menstrual irregularity. The results are interpreted as support for an interactive hormonal theory of physical attraction."
There is clear evidence of a dose-effect relationship between femininity and 2D:4D, as well as mental rotation ability and masculinity. The latter suggests that men really are better at mental rotation than women, regardless of what Testosterone Rex claims
Also this suggests that feminists (with masculinised 2D:4D ratios) want to be dominated ("participants selected more masculine male faces for STMs than for LTMs... Women with left 2D:4Ds below the mean (M =.97) selected almost identical STMs and LTMs") and that feminism is a large shit test, that they have daddy issues ("paternal but not maternal bonding scores were positively correlated with 2D:4D") and less stable relationships - but that they're DTF ("low 2D:4Dwomen reported an unrestricted sexuality")

Car Show Booth Babes Fired By Car Manufacturers In Order To Appease Feminists
Feminism - about putting women out of work and policing what women wear

Immigration and the Social Science Echo Chamber - "much research about attitudes to immigration, rather than embodying a commitment to objectivity and fairness, becomes a vehicle for some social scientists to express disapproval, in both academia and the wider world, of opinions with which they disagree... The overwhelming message carried by the media was that Anglicans have a particular problem with their attitudes, especially those who identify with the Church of England but who don’t go to church all that much. Everything else in the study was disregarded, as if placing Anglicans’ views in a broader context was not necessary. Those Anglicans who didn’t want an increase in current levels of immigration were then said to be opposed to immigration per se, and ill-disposed towards immigrants. Whether or not the purportedly impartial BBC journalists who reported this story were inclined to spin it as they did because of their own political beliefs is something about which we can only speculate. But perhaps they were strongly influenced by the way the study was framed and presented to the media in an article by its authors. Here, in particular, is where the selective analysis of the study began, with the focus shifted firmly onto Christians’ attitudes. There is also a disappointing conflation of concepts reflected in the imprecise and inconsistent wording used, to the point that it becomes misleading. Those not wanting increased future immigration or who are sceptical about the benefits immigration may bring, for example, are deemed to harbour an “antipathy towards immigrants and immigration.” The language used to refer to them is negative, depicting them as “hostile” and not “welcoming,” assertions for which there is simply no supporting evidence provided in the study... By the time I’d finished reading the study and seen how its findings were being misrepresented to and by the media, my trust in its integrity and reliability had evaporated... An alien visitor who perused our academic output today – especially in the social sciences, the humanities, and the arts – could be excused for concluding that an obsession with ethnicity and race is now a religion which helps sustain many of our intellectuals."
If the media lies, does it harm democracy to say that it lies?

French girl, 11, 'not a child' say lawyers for man, 29, accused of sexual abuse - "France does not have a legal age under which a minor cannot agree to a sexual relationship – although the country’s top court has ruled that children aged five and under cannot consent... Defence lawyers say the man and the girl had met in a park and the girl had voluntarily followed him to an apartment and consented to intercourse. They have also said their client, then 28, thought she was at least 16. The girl’s family filed a complaint of rape in the town of Montmagny but prosecutors apparently felt the suspect did not use violence or coercion. French law defines rape as sexual penetration committed “by violence, coercion, threat or surprise”."

neontaster 🚟 on Twitter: ""REAL socialism hasn't been done yet" is in itself an argument against socialism. If your system is so susceptible to abuse that it happens literally every time you try it, what does that say about your system?"

Sexist Troll Attacks Sarah Silverman On Twitter, And Her Unexpected Response Turns Man’s Life Upside Down - "Instead of fighting fire with fire and insulting a sexist troll who called her the C-word, she responded with getting to know him and actually improving his life."
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