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Friday, May 04, 2018

Links - 4th May 2018 (2)

Sweden data breach: 82 per cent of people sent to prison for gang rape are foreign born - "According to Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen the data is probably reliable: “I’m very certain it is legit. See the article on Friatider. Since they are being sued for publishing this info, it must mean it is correct.” The Swedish police are certainly not happy with the data transparency. According to them it is a serious breach of the Personal Data Act (PUL). Swedish mainstream media seemed not happy as well: For example newspaper SVT published an article about the fact that this is one of Sweden’s biggest data crimes."

Immigrants Commit 84 Percent Of All Rape In Sweden—Migrants Commit Two-Thirds - "Breaking down the numbers further: 95.6 percent of all violent rapes (that is, where the woman is not subdued through social pressure, drugs or alcohol, or fear of violence, but through the actual use of physical violence) were committed by men of foreign descent (this includes legal immigrants and migrants). Likewise, 90 percent of all gang rapes are committed by men of foreign descent, many of whom were Afghani. In fact, fully one quarter of all gang rapists were Afghani immigrants... perhaps the most pernicious part about this is that these foreigners were invited to Sweden, and are generally lodged at Swedish expense—they are financing their own destruction. In fact, migrants are costing Sweden roughly 17 percent of its national government’s budget annually. And sadly, they are not alone. Denmark’s non-Western immigrants are costing the nation some 59 percent of its tax surplus. Likewise, migrants in Germany are estimated to cost the nation some $1,241,050,000,000 over the coming decades... the UN has suggested that Sweden will become a third world country by 2030, as it will be unable to keep up with its peers"

Swedish Government To Ban Websites that List Ethnic Origin Of Criminal Suspects - "Sweden has proposed banning the public use of legal document search engine Lexbase, which is used to identify the ethnic origins of Swedish criminal suspects. According to the Swedish government, the data released by the website is too sensitive for the public and should be limited only to professionals like lawyers, journalists, and researchers. Previously, the website was protected under the Swedish Freedom of Expression Act, but the new legislation could limit what data they are allowed to release... While Justice Minister Morgan Johansson said that journalistic activity would not be affected, he left the definition of what constitutes “journalistic activity” open to question. For many years, the Swedish government has stopped the collection of statistics relating to the ethnic or religious background of criminals, making it difficult for researchers to track the correct rate of migrant crime, as opposed to crimes committed by native Swedes. Some, like police officer Peter Springare, have claimed that the majority of serious crimes are committed by migrants or individuals from migrant backgrounds. Others have used freedom of information requests to look at crimes on a case-by-case basis and track the rate at which criminals born overseas have offended. One research project attempted to look solely at cases of gang rape in Sweden and found, through examining court documents, that nine out of 10 gang rapes were committed by asylum seekers and individuals with a migration background."

Feminists In Sweden Flee 'No Go' Zones Overrun With Islamic Refugees - "Famed feminist Nalin Pekgul, who called attention to the rising insecurity of women in the suburbs, says she now avoids the center of town in Tensta, where she lived for 30 years. And the former Left Party official Zeliha Dagli moved from Husby to the inner city. Pekgul says she no longer feels safe in her home town, adding that Muslim fundamentalists now have full control of the center"
Keywords: no-go zones

Woman, 70, Says Migrants Defecate In Streets, Set Cars on Fire. Cops Charge Her With Hate Crime. - "After a lengthy probe, prosecutors in Sweden decided that the post violated the nation’s law on incitement to racial hatred, FriaTider wrote. If the pensioner is found guilty, she faces four years in prison."

Muslim Appeals 40 Hours Community Service for Raping Child and Filming Assault - "Via Fria Tider (translated):
Ali was sentenced to 40 hours of youth service for the rape of children in a schoolyard. Both he and his parents are now challenging the judgment of the Court of Appeal. 16-year-old Ali was convicted in February of child rape after he pinned a 13 year old girl against a wall at Toleredsskolan in Gothenburg and forced her to oral sex. The crime took place in July, 2016."

Facts about migration and crime in Sweden - "Data from the Swedish Crime Survey shows that in terms of lethal violence, there has generally been a downward trend over the past 25 years. Nonetheless, the level in 2015 – when a total of 112 cases of lethal violence were reported – was higher than for many years. Studies conducted by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention show that lethal violence using firearms has increased within the context of criminal conflicts. The number of confirmed or suspected shootings was 20 per cent higher in 2014 than in 2006. The statistics also show that 17 people were killed with firearms in 2011, while the corresponding figure in 2015 was 33... People from foreign backgrounds are suspected of crimes more often than people from a Swedish background. According to the most recent study, people from foreign backgrounds are 2.5 times more likely to be suspected of crimes than people born in Sweden to Swedish-born parents"
Even the official Swedish government website reports that immigrants and their descendants commit more crimes than those of a local background

KATIE HOPKINS reports from Scandi-lib paradise of Sweden - "Her apartment was broken into last week in the middle of the day. The burglars took her laptop and her car keys, and later her car. The police told her they were too busy to come. She doesn't want her picture to be seen now. Not in case the migrants attack again, but because the feminists will come after her and hound her as a racist for speaking out. The migrant men scare her. But it is Swedish women who have silenced her... I ran to the scene of an unexploded hand grenade in a bin outside the police station of a no-go area of town, near a mosque. I asked the police who the target was. They said they didn't know. I asked the Muslim leader at the mosque. He said he thought it was the police. Then two women grabbed me and told me not to make this about the mosque, not to make this a Muslim issue. This was about the police — nothing to do with migrants. I wondered if they weren't missing the point. A bomb in a bin."
Keywords: no-go zones

How Sweden became an example of how not to handle immigration | The Spectator - "A parallel society is emerging where the state’s monopoly on law and order is being challenged. ‘Today, the gang environment is — well, I don’t want to exactly call it the Wild West, but something in that direction,’ says Amir Rostami, an authority on Swedish organised crime who teaches at Stockholm University.

Donald Trump's Sweden’s Immigration Gaffe: The Truth Behind It - "Since the beginning of the immigration crisis, Sweden has cut 950 million U.S. dollars from its foreign aid to allocate to immigration services, and much more will have to be cut from other welfare programs to deal with a projected massive influx of refugees. No available studies show the current immigration as anything but a net loss for the country. The idea that immigration is noble has become a truth in Sweden and in much of Europe, and any critique against it is interpreted as racism. In this climate, we close our eyes to real solutions, such as devoting resources (military or financial or both) to aid individuals where they are. Western nations are now, at great expense, creating a problem within their own borders — to fulfill some sort of idea of themselves as being “good” countries — rather than doing actual good elsewhere. Europe is not dealing with the reason for the immigration crisis but is only delaying its solution indefinitely... If we go by the current estimates, Sweden in two years will spend on immigration alone the equivalent of two annual defense budgets or the entire cost of unemployment benefits. There are no signs that the number of immigrants will diminish, and there is no plan to cut federal costs or raise taxes to pay for this... The Swedish debate on immigration is so contentious that even relaying statistics can lead to one’s being branded a bigot"

Pool makes splash with gender jacuzzi split - "Sweden may have an international reputation for promoting gender equality, but the Eriksdalsbadet complex – home to one of the most popular public swimming pools in Sweden – is introducing segregated hot tubs for the first time. The move follows reports by increasing numbers of women, who claim they have been groped by men as they relax in the giant bubble baths."

Lesbian couples two and a half times more likely to get divorced than male same-sex couples, ONS figures reveal - " Sociologists believe the lower rates of divorces among gay men may reflect a trend of women committing sooner and having higher expectations for a relationship. Gunnar Andersson, professor of demography at Stockholm University, previously found in successive studies that women in Norway, Sweden and Denmark were twice as likely to dissolve their civil partnerships than men. “This reflects trends in a heterosexual marriage because women are more prone to say they want to marry - but they’re also more likely to initiate a divorce""
Addendum: Damn patriarchy - depriving women of a man to blame!

Top Ten: What drives expats mad about working in France - "Most workers curse meetings but in France they love them and they tend to go on for hours or at least until the coffee has run out, without anything being sorted out, says reader Mike. “I worked for a Franco-American company for several years. When the French led the editorial meetings, they could take up to an hour or more, and little was resolved at the end of them. When the Americans headed the meetings, they were never more than 20 minutes."...
If you’re not a heavy smoker and don’t drink coffee then you could well end up friendless in the French workplace, warns Local reader Jonathan, a British lawyer who used to work at a Paris-based firm. “Every 40 odd minutes a colleague asks you if you want a coffee and will look down on you if you refuse. And coffee is en principe accompanied by a cigarette – the two go hand in hand.”"

World's most expensive meat? Find it with Paris butcher - "The 2000 vintage cote de boeuf (rib steak) can command €3,000 ($3,200). The breed of cattle in question, rivaling the most expensive and exclusive global names in beef such as Black Angus and Kobe, is called Blonde Aquitaine. Polmard and his family raise them outside the small town of Saint Mihiel in the Meuse region of Lorraine, northeastern France. "My family wouldn't dream of raising animals in sheds where they have no space or room to roam," he says. "Here they are in the open air, living in forests and on parkland. There are shelters they can choose to visit in case it rains or snows. It's really five-star accommodation!" "

Why we should continue taxing tampons - one man's view - "Sanitary items are different from “condoms, lubricants, sunscreen and nicotine patches” because people already want to use them and there is no evidence of significant public health risk if usage falls. Also, “necessity” is not the binding criterion for determining what gets taxed – we tax electricity... I sometimes wonder if sin taxes – tax on alcohol and cigarettes for example – are to blame for the way people see tax in general. A lot of people interpret the tax system as a moral agent judging their actions. If I saw all tax as punishment, I’d be furious about paying tax on sanitary items too... Exemptions undermine the efficiency of the tax system but also the sense that tax is our common duty."

Top Muslim Scholar: Orthodox Islam and Violence 'Linked' - "Among Indonesia’s most influential Islamic leaders is Yahya Cholil Staquf, 51,advocates a modern, moderate Islam. He is general secretary of the Nahdlatul Ulama, which, with about 50 million members, is the country’s biggest Muslim organization. Yahya... Western politicians should stop pretending that extremism and terrorism have nothing to do with Islam. There is a clear relationship between fundamentalism, terrorism, and the basic assumptions of Islamic orthodoxy. So long as we lack consensus regarding this matter, we cannot gain victory over fundamentalist violence within Islam... Within the classical tradition, the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims is assumed to be one of segregation and enmity... Within the Islamic tradition, the state is a single, universal entity that unites all Muslims under the rule of one man who leads them in opposition to, and conflict with, the non-Muslim world... [ISIS’s] goal of establishing a global caliphate stands squarely within the orthodox Islamic tradition... The last time I was in Brussels I witnessed some Arab, perhaps North African, youth insult and harass a group of policemen. My Belgian friends remarked that such behavior has become an almost everyday occurrence in their country. Why do you allow such behavior? What kind if impression does that make?... you’re taking in millions of refugees about whom you know virtually nothing, except that they come from extremely problematic regions of the world."

Here’s the gender gap that matters - "The gender gap in engineering and math is old news by now. Despite society's strenuous efforts to close it – including giving girls pink Lego sets to play with – nothing seems to work. The percentage of female engineering students remains around 20 per cent, give or take. Meanwhile, there's another gender gap that everyone ignores. This one is in the ultra-competitive field of veterinary medicine. Not long ago, all vets were men, and women who aspired to be vets were told to aspire to something else. Scarcely any women were admitted into vet schools before the 1970s. Today the ratio in veterinary school is 80-20 – in favour of women... Oddly, nobody is hollering about discrimination in veterinary medicine. No activists or politicians are lobbying for preferential treatment for men, or preaching about systemic discrimination, or complaining because women win all the scholarly awards. No one gives two hoots about the vets (except for the veterinary schools themselves, which are desperate to recruit more males). The reason is that this particular gender imbalance doesn't fit the prevailing narrative, which is that women in historically male fields face systemic discrimination at every turn... Today, women dominate at all levels of education, including the graduate levels. In most postgraduate fields, as well as in law and medicine, women now outperform and outnumber men by growing margins."

Monosodium glutamate intake is inversely related to the risk of hyperglycemia - "In animal studies, monosodium glutamate (MSG) intake at a particular age has been found to increase the risk of insulin resistance and obesity. Inconsistent associations between MSG intake and overweight have been reported in humans. No population study has assessed the association between MSG intake and diabetes risk. This study aims to prospectively examine the association between MSG intake and hyperglycemia in a Chinese population.... high MSG intake is associated with a decreased risk of hyperglycemia in Chinese adults"

Vintage Scandinavian Airlines food will make you furious with envy - "The extravagant first class meals include fresh lobster, salmon and even caviar, along with entire ham legs and charcuterie arrangements carved right in the aisle by a toque-wearing chef wielding a now-unthinkably large knife."

A good man is hard to find: China's 'leftover women' look for love abroad - "people born after the introduction of the one-child policy, in 1979, are more risk averse, less trusting and trustworthy, more pessimistic and less competitive than those born before. According to Lata Gangadharan, professor of economics at Monash University, Australia, the study suggests the effects are more marked for men... To studied 50 leftover women and found them increasingly likely to choose Western men, "who are generally believed to be more open-minded and egalitarian in terms of gender roles"... Numbers are swelling at Shanghai's Yali Marriage Quotient Club, where women pay anywhere from 2,800 yuan to 40,000 yuan for classes specialising in how to bag an "elite foreign man"... "The culture difference was tough to start with," says Zhou, "I was expecting Europeans to be caring and controlling like Chinese guys, but they never seemed to get jealous or show any attachment. I suffered a lot because they all seemed so cold and uncommitted." "Most foreigners come to me for sex not a relationship," says Mei Deng, voicing a common complaint. Deng, who moved to Australia last year after breaking up with a Chinese boyfriend of five years, says, "I thought a relationship should be built first and sex comes after, but casual sex is very normal here."... In 2009, popular dating website conducted a series of polls showing the "happiness scores" of Chinese women in cross-cultural marriages had declined by 25 per cent"

Scientists Have Discovered This Drug Fixes Cavities and Regrows Teeth - "Dental fillings may soon be left in the ash heap of history, thanks to a recent discovery about a drug called Tideglusib. Developed for and trialled to treat Alzheimer’s disease, the drug also happens to promote the natural tooth regrowth mechanism, allowing the tooth to repair cavities."

How Facebook Outs Sex Workers - "Despite the fact that she’d only given Facebook information from her vanilla identity, the company had somehow discerned her real-world connection to these people—and, even more horrifyingly, her account was potentially being presented to them as a friend suggestion too, outing her regular identity to them. Because Facebook insists on concealing the methods and data it uses to link one user to another, Leila is not able to find out how the network exposed her or take steps to prevent it from happening again. “It’s not just sex workers who are careful to shield their identities,” she said to me via Skype. “The people who hire sex workers are also very concerned with anonymity so they’re using alternative emails and alternative names. And sometimes they have phones that they only use for this, for hiring women. You have two ends of people using heightened security, because neither end wants their identity being revealed. And they’re having their real names connected on Facebook.”"

When bias beats logic: why the US can't have a reasoned gun debate - "instead of evaluating skin cream trials, participants were asked to evaluate whether a law banning citizens from carrying concealed firearms in public made crime go up or down. The result: when liberals and conservatives were confronted with a set of results that contradicted their political assumptions, the smartest people were barely more likely to arrive at the correct answer than the people with no math skills at all. Political bias had erased the advantages of stronger reasoning skills... When it comes to guns, Americans want it both ways. A recent Pew study found that just over half of Americans want stronger gun laws. Even stronger majorities of Americans also believe that most people should be allowed to legally own most kinds of guns – and allowed to carry them in most places... Part of the weakness of major gun control proposals is the result of “the NRA’s catch-22”, said Adam Winkler, a gun politics expert at the University of California Los Angeles law school. “The NRA waters down the gun laws and makes them ineffective and then says, ‘Look, the gun laws are ineffective, we told you that gun laws never work.’”"
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