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Monday, April 30, 2018

Pushing the Feminist Agenda on Children

Christians aren't the only ones infiltrating the government and pushing their agenda.

This book was seen at Sengkang library:

From Time:

Feminist Baby: New Book Wants Babies to Learn Feminism

"A New York author is hoping to grow the next generation of socially aware children with her upcoming board book for infants called Feminist Baby.

The 22-page picture book, which hits shelves April 11, features a fearless and bold baby girl who unapologetically “lives how she wants and doesn’t let the patriarchy keep her down,” according to author Loryn Brantz, who hopes her character will inspire budding minds.

“We have to raise our kids with their eyes wide open,” Brantz told TIME on Thursday. The 31-year-old said she wrote and illustrated Feminist Baby to introduce the idea of feminism early on, encourage children to become “liberal and progressive thinkers,” and squash the negative connotations surrounding the expanding worldwide women’s movement."
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