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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Observations - 13th August 2017

"Who can refute a sneer?" - William Paley


Don't teach your children not to get into cars with strangers, teach people not to kidnap children

"I think this is the greatest flaw in feminist thinking, that in order to achieve their ideal of the perfect woman, one has to give up her femininity and become a man. That's ridiculous."

"Women used to cook like their mothers, now they drink like their fathers."

"now I know why feminists find it easy to believe in male privilege- they take their observations of men being less neurotic and chill as evidence for them having easier lives"
"actually its worse because a lot of the time that men have to worry/ be gancheong/ be involved, it is due to issues created by women"

A feminist told me, about the gender gap in university enrolment, that if women could overcome patriarchy and be overrepresented in universities there was something wrong with men. So much for feminism being for men. If you start with feminist assumptions you will end up with feminist conclusions

Since we evaluate female beauty contest participants on their character and intelligence, why don't we evaluate female CEOs on their looks?

If married mums getting more benefits than single ones is discrimination, the Pioneer Generation Package is also discrimination

If it's okay to breastfeed in an MRT train, why can't diabetics eat and drink? A fussy baby is less important than a potential health emergency

"for some reason [women] still prefer having [a period] instead of using some technological intervention to mitigate or remove it entirely
So after a while I suspect it boils down to needing something to make noise about"

"saying that someone choosing to do sex work somehow cheapens sex . . . makes as much sense as saying someone eating a donut around you will ruin your diet"

"in my white male privilege patriarchal mansplainer experience, a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man is more often than not a woman who can't get a man, or at least a desirable man."

Why celebrate body positivity, i.e. being fat, but not being ugly?

"The fastest way for a man to find out what needs to be done around the house is to try to take a nap. His wife sure come and kpkb"
"i think women evolved to feel unsettled if they see a man not doing anything"

If prepubescent kids can consent to taking hormone blockers which have health implications why can't adolescents consent to sex?

If essentialism is so bad, why assume that gender (or other) diversity inevitably brings benefits through diverse points of view?

If a restaurant refuses to cook Kosher food for a Jewish customer, is it discriminating against Jews?

"9/11 was nothing compared to the horror of a Ten Commandments display."

Pundits say it's problematic when people don't trust the media, or they think it's lying. But what if it really is?

"377A activists capitalise on convincing gay people they are at risk of getting lynched at any moment"

"To be an 'ally' increasingly seems to mean capitulating in surrender to people who hate you for being born."
"Before you do that, transfer money, resources and status now."

"When burning witches doesn't stop the drought, that means witch magic is very powerful and more witches need to be burnt."

"The difficulty with liberation movements is they don't have a "sunset clause". They all start as vital responses to archaic behaviours and attitudes but they inevitability pass their usefulness boundary and end up going "full retard"."

If you punch a fascist and he punches you back, can you play the victim?

Amused by people blaming the Quebec mosque shooting on Trump. Just like some people used to blame Obama for everything. Horseshoe theory...

If Trump's tweets make you commit violence, you're like men who rape women because they wear short skirts

If I buy travel insurance and someone steals my wallet when I'm abroad because I left it on a table, my claim will probably be rejected. Is that victim blaming?

In the past, asking someone about his religion was showing interest in it, trying to understand another culture, trying to engage him as a person etc. Today it's a microaggression

"i created a fb post for a bb cream with 'skin whitening' benefits
fb rejected my ad because their algorithm flagged 'skin whitening' as racism"

Is it discrimination to treat your child better than a random child you don't know halfway across the world?

[On Cuban exiles] "those who FLED were the exploiters of the country; subsequent swimmers were influenced by the greed of their relatives in Florida." - Ahh, Communist apologists!
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