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Saturday, June 10, 2017

An observation on the obsession with Trump

What strikes me the most about the state of the... - Michael Petraeus

"What strikes me the most about the state of the matters in the US is how the seemingly "progressive", "civilized", "educated" mainstream exaggerates baseless allegations and conveniently ignores facts.

Whether or not, and to what extent, Russia interfered in American elections - we don't know and so far there's no evidence that either Trump or his staff colluded with Russians in any way. Were the hacks on DNC carried out by the Russians? Most likely they were - but if there was no compromising information there, there would be no scandals. So to descend into boiling rage over someone exposing corrupt behavior of the Democratic party is a bit like killing the messenger or a crime witness.

Therefore, thus far, there is absolutely no proof that Trump did anything illegal - despite many months of FBI investigation.

At the same time we do know several things for sure:

1. We know that Attorney General Loretta Lynch communicated directly with Bill Clinton during the campaign.

2. We know that she pressed the FBI director to tone down the reports on the ongoing investigation into the email scandal.

3. We know that Hillary Clinton used a private server for official communications - including many classified messages.

4. We know that 31,000 emails have been deleted and until now there's no information on their contents or a chance of their recovery.

5. We also know the former FBI director admitted to leaking information from private meetings with the US president to the press, in the hope of triggering a special counsel to launch an investigation.

I don't even want to bring up the rather mysterious death of a DNC staffer shot dead in, as police claim, attempted robbery - and yet nothing was stolen from him. Imagine the swirl of allegations against Trump and Republican party if that happened on their side - but, as it is, all of this is dismissed as a bonkers right wing conspiracy theory not worthy of any attention by the mainstream media - who prefer to dissect the meaning of "covfefe" or try to figure out why Trump gets two scoops of ice cream with his cake.

Month after month Trump is getting roasted over every word and portrayed as a traitor colluding with America's arch enemy - even though there's not a tiny shred of evidence any such thing ever happened.

At the same time, Democratic party leveraged public officials to sway the elections their way, Hillary Clinton deletes thousands of emails and thinks it's OK, the FBI director admits to leaking stuff - and somehow all of this is less of a story than accusations which have no ground even after months of FBI investigations.

But the left displays this way of thinking in all areas, really. Claiming white supremacy and racist crimes are somehow a bigger threat than Islamic terrorism. That being slim is somehow oppressive towards the obese. That being wealthy and successful is a thing to be ashamed of and a sure sign of abuse of the poor.

Everything they advocate is a murder on common sense.

In the leftist world it's better to be fat than fit. It's better to be poor than rich. It's better to be "genderfluid" than heterosexual. It's better to remain a minority than assimilate into the society.

And you know what all of it is? It's another manifestation of the loser mentality which dictates that instead of putting in work to achieve something, you should seek to destroy the achievers.

Which is precisely why this ideology led to the worst disasters in human history, death of millions and crippling poverty of billions of people."
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