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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Observations - 26th April 2017

"C-section seems to fit the Singaporean mentality
Turning a messy, somewhat random and uncertain event into a controlled one."

Amused that Singaporeans beat up on "outside food" as Singlish, but Disney World (US) and the New York Times use it.

If we can import persimmons from Spain why not oranges?

Amused that to PRCs from Guangdong and Fujian Singapore isn't very different. So they prefer Canada and Australia (which is why you see few Southern Chinese in Singapore). And multiple PRCs have confirmed that Singapore is a lower tier destination - the US/UK are more appealing choices.

Amused that Sections 90 and 305 of the Penal code imply that you cannot lie to XMMs (under 18).

Singaporeans love to say "that is my opinion". But just because anyone can have an opinion doesn't mean it can't be challenged or questioned. Challenging an opinion doesn't mean you are denying someone's right to it.

Asbestos is 100% natural and organic. So feel free to inhale it

"I was talking to someone who sells... in India. The purchasing manager has been telling him ''next week' for 13 months... He burnt his hand at a barbecue so he can't sign the document"

"Rich, dark, hairy man with a girl in a castle - Beauty and The Beast
Poor, dark, hairy man with a girl in a 2-room flat - Crime Watch"

If when the fire alarm sounds you need to wait for them to investigate to see if it's a false alarm, doesn't that waste precious minutes in an emergency?

If a Christian says he thinks murder is wrong because that's in the Bible, is that imposing his views on non Christians?

Actually Christians' condemnation of the "gay lifestyle" is an important distinction: at least in theory they are not opposed to gay people per se.

If policies discouraging single parenthood punish them and their children, what about anti-anti-vaxxer policies like childcare bans?

"I've been watching a show recently where the father was shown as loving, intelligent, a role model for his son and a dedicated member of the community. He's the first TV show father I've seen in a long time who wasn't an idiot.
Unfortunately it's Man in the High Castle, and that man is a nazi."

Orientalism does to Asia what nostalgia does to the past. So what's the issue?

Ebola killed 11,000 people in 2 years. In contrast the flu kills 36,000 people a year. One might thus conclude that the Ebola epidemic was exaggerated, wasn't really a problem, that the media and worldwide health authorities were following their own agenda and that this is just racism against Africa (since we're told that since Islamic terrorism hasn't killed many non-Muslims, we are just overreacting and islamophobic)

"democracy and the will of the people are important to check authoritarianism and need to be followed unless it contradicts their unpopular liberal values at which case the state needs to act in an authoritarian way to enforce their values"

Calling applying critical thinking skills "denying, dismissing or derailing the conversation" is one way to pretend you've won the argument.

Is it a bigger micro aggression to ask an Asian-American if he speaks his ethnic language or to assume he doesn't?

Maybe the recurrent terrorist attacks in Turkey are due to Ottoman colonialism.
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