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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Observations - 23rd November 2016

"You may have the universe if I may have Italy." - Temistocle Solera (Verdi's librettist)


"i think it's a privilege to be able to blame an externality, like being born a woman or an arab, for your own inadequacies. wish i had that."

"Boys will be boys" can be seen as a rejection of ethnocentrism (or its gender equivalent) and an acknowledgement that boys have their own cultural norms

Words speak louder than actions - the moral of offence culture

If you get offended all the time it just means you're insecure

Maybe unfriending "bigots" is just another form of virtue signalling

If you need to respect the customs of countries you travel to, if you go to Afghanistan must you accept the oppression of women?

Still not sure why it's considered courageous to go for a sex change. If I am a female and undergo massive surgery to turn myself into a human Barbie, am I courageous? Shedding of the face you are born with is courageous too. Michael Jackson got a lot of flak for his plastic surgery.

Are health warnings on cigarette packets smoker shaming?

Those people who said those who did jesuisparis were hypocrites because they don't mourn for the Third World should be pleased to note that the more the West is hit by terror, the less we mourn

Do the same people protesting the French burkini ban protest bans on female genital cutting (aka female circumcision)?

If women who willingly wear the hijab contribute to the oppression of women do those who do BDSM help male violence against women?

If you are selective in calling out hypocrisy then you are... a hypocrite

"Unfriending exercise is nothing to be proud of
It's an an announcement that one is incapable of managing input and dispassionately evaluating and accepting / rejecting views based evaluation of facts."

"Hair for hope is illness appropriation. Just because you look like them means you know what they are going through?"

Abortion is not the only issue which involves bodily autonomy. Others include food, encouraging exercise, quarantine, immunisations and other medical procedures. Yet we don't see them protected under the right to privacy, or any of the accompanying outrage

"Identity politics are an inevitable side-effect of embracing moral relativism."

"I love all these liberals. They want socialized medicine but then whine about how it's none of our business how big they are. If your unhealthy eating is going to put unnecessary cost on the healthcare system then damn right your health is my business."

Are women advertising for housemates who say they've a preference for single female professionals sexist, classist and singlist?

"Funny how the people who claim that masculinity is fragile just can't go a day without making fun of men in order to feel superior"

"If you want to protest, you decline to perform. If you want a sincere conversation, you invite the man backstage and voice your concerns privately. If you want to grandstand and make it about you, you do what [Hamilton] did"

If a restaurant refuses to cook Halal food for a Muslim customer, is it discriminating against Muslims? (as per the gay cake cases) What if a knife salesman refuses to sell a Muslim a knife because it will be used for Halal slaughter and he's against animal cruelty?

"i that what this elections really blew off is the reluctance of the reasonable class to criticise the libetard narrative
back then if you did so you would get hit with the 3 combo- racist, sexist, xenophobic
now it has lost it's power a fair but"

Just because a regime is native doesn't mean it is legitimate.

"People react to blackface like they do people mocking someone with a disability. This says more about their view of blackness than it does the one portraying a black person with makeup."

"I'm pretty sure before I die I'll see LGBTQIABCD+√EF"
"I'm assuming the + indicates you're positive for an STD. Eventually it'll be LGBTQIALMNOPFRYZXEU6VS+
Because y'know, there are 65 ways to identify your gender."

Telemarketer called me on behalf of ANZ
Then asked me if I was currently a customer
"If you don't know, you shouldn't be calling me"

The most preposterous phishing scams are the ones where they spoof your identity to send you the scam email. I feel violated.

"You are receiving this mail because we want to keep you updated on the latest fashion and lifestyle trends."
At least they're not lying I signed up for their mailing list

Telemarketer from Maybank called and offered me the Manhattan Card (Standard Chartered). She meant the Manchester United card.

Why would you send a spam email with "Download Virus" being the only text in the body, and linked? Is it a test of how stupid people are?
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