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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Europeans and Diversity

Re: On diversity, Europeans less positive than Americans | Pew Research Center

"Europe was being repeatedly attacked by Muslim Empires from the 7th Century until the 17th Century - with raiding for slaves not ending until the 18th and early 19th Century.

Entire coastal areas of Spain and Southern France were often abandoned to deter raids by Barbary Pirates. Eastern Europe lived under the yoke of the Turks.

All European 'colonialism' in North Africa and Levant was simply retaliation. A third of the Christian world was annexed (and is still held) by Muslims three centuries before the first Crusade. When Europeans grew strong enough to seize the power centres of these Empires they bitch and whine and moaned that we are 'crusading Imperialists' how dare we stop them taking us as slaves and ransoming our people."

"re: Poland, listed "unfavorably" in the Pew poll - she happened to be one of if not the most ethnically and religiously diverse counties in Europe in 1939, when her Western and Eastern neighbors conspired to socially and georaphically re-engineer her via genocide. With some awareness of history, it might be more understandable why Poland is not super excited about more German-led social engineering experiments."
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