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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

On Trump Supporters and Bashers

"It seems that people who constantly bash Trump don't seem to understand that most of the people who support Trump actually acknowledges that Trump has serious personal flaws, in fact his personal flaws are actually part of his strength in his campaign; his supporters don't just see him as a politician, they see him as as one them, the average guy who's not an angel and is just as flawed as everyone else. That's why even when he says dumb and inappropriate things in public, his supporters don't care, because in their minds it's like, "Yeah that sounds kinda dumb, but I know a few friends who'd say that, also I may have said something like that one time or another, so who am I to judge."

Meanwhile, the people who constantly bash Trump for even the pettiest of things look and sound like moral hypocrites; it's one thing to attack Trump on some of his policies and positions, like his idea that global warming is a hoax, or his pro-life stance, those are actually valid criticisms of him, yet 90% of the the time, people attack him for things that are so small and petty, like what he wears, how he eats, what he says to his family and friends, etc. It makes whoever that criticizes him by largely these basis alone look like self-righteous holier-than-thous sitting on a high horse as if they haven't done a single bad thing in their lives. It's made even worse that these people are so critical of Trump in every possible way, yet seem to just give Hillary a pass for her own sins, which is arguably just as bad if not worse, which makes it obvious that their hatred of Trump is largely driven by the constant bombardment of anti-Trump material from the maiinstream media as well as Web 2.0 gatekeepers like Facebook and Reddit and other social networking and aggregation websites."

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