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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Observations - 6th October 2016

"I notice a fair bit of op eds from female writers are generally about how they feel about things as opposed to really discussing the issue or giving new insight
Almost makes second wave feminist writers an easier read- at least they tend to get straight to to point"

"need to be aware of personal value proposition
Many girls are completely unaware of that
Seen dumpy battleaxes have a 30 point list of what they want in a guy

"There is some speculation in the manosphere that women pick up the feminist kool-aid as a form of shit-testing, to drive away low status males and give them access to the higher tier dudes"

"stronk independent women ain't so stronk when the water isn't running, there is no electricity, the sewage is piling up and there are no security and emergency services.
Quickest feminist litmus test
"I don't need no man."
"Here's a rifle, ISIS is coming. All the best.""

"Porn security is probably why most guys have better understanding of computers than gals"
"And downloading it too"

"People always bitch about meritocracy until they get to live in a place that does not use it"
"ok lor we give you the feudal system instead"

Amused that some people disapprove of telling young children "shame shame" when they run around naked (something about shame culture and self-esteem). Presumably the only thing we can shame kids for is not being feminist.

"Really all the Soviets needed to do was convince Americans that criticizing communism was "hate speech" and they could have won the Cold War"

If abortion restrictions are repugnant because of the regulation of bodily integrity, why restrict suicide and female genital cutting?

"women who want to be stay at home mums also get labelled traitors to the "cause". I've also seen people sling figurative mud at a woman who admitted she liked receiving flowers from her boyfriend.
Some so-called feminists need to be pushed off a cliff."

Doesn't blaming mental illness for terrorism etc contribute to the stigmatisation, demonisation and stereotyping of the mentally ill?

If you are for government by the people but think the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a dictatorship, you need to check up "democracy" in the dictionary.

"ISIS identifies as Islamic.
"No they're not Islamic," say the left.
Boy identifies as girl.
"Absolutely," say the left."

Perhaps Brexit indicates neoliberalism is woefully incomplete, and that humans are motivated by more than money. Leftists would normally cheer that.

Does surrogacy contribute to the objectification of women and the commodification of childbearing?

If a few women wanting sex more than a few (or even most) men means that men don't want sex more than women, then a few women being paid more than most men means that there's no gender pay gap.

Why do Singaporeans like Magnum so much and treat it as premium ice cream? Low standards?

"You can forecast changes to the law by looking at the so called crisises that get thrown up by ST"

"We are losing this resilience to stand up for ourselves
Case in point
Sexual orientation games
Frigging hell.. Tell the OGL go eat shit la
Need to cry to university admin"

If Singapore legislates that the next president must be a minority but can't find a qualified and willing candidate, what happens? Constitutional Crisis?

Perhaps Singaporeans' flexible approach to time is their sole remaining vestige of tropical culture

Maybe the PAP IB was set up to sow fear and discord online as everyone would be suspect and accusations would flow

Suspecting that before 1991 race riots were less talked about by the Singaporean government since they had another bogeyman - Communism

To many Singaporeans, freedom of speech seems to mean the lack of mind control - since they always talk about how freedom of speech doesn't mean there are no consequences (by which they mean being prosecuted by the legal system). So by freedom of speech they mean the ability to physically say something - rather than the ability to do so without being punished.

Perhaps it is Uniquely Singapore to be so parochial as to view things such as multilingual code switching and racial-religious harmony as Uniquely Singapore.

Amused by Singapore's culture of deference to political authority - so many people call Ministers Sir on Facebook. I thought they were servants, not masters.

"What I find weird is how people in Singapore seem to celebrate the death penalty whenever an article about drugs is posted"
"Alcohol, casinos and infidelity destroy lives and families too!"
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